KVM celebrates 10 years in channel

KVM celebrates 10 years in channel

The niche distributor’s ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude has served the company well, according to managing director

Perth-based distributor, KVM, has celebrated a decade in IT business and claims it remains true to its longstanding business ideals.

Established in 1999, KVM exclusively distributed Raritan keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) technology, which is where its name originates from. After generating considerable presence for the vendor, KVM helped Raritan set-up and run its Australian office in 2004.

Twelve months later, Raritan officially took over operations and KVM decided to broaden out its vendor portfolio while still dealing in specialised technology.

“At that stage, we were no longer the only distributor around so we had to find other products to import and distribute,” KVM managing director, Kurk Brandstater, said. “We started importing KVM products from a Canadian company called ICRON and a UK company called Adder.”

He credited the company’s longevity to its competency in the KVM niche and took pride in carrying just three vendors. But while the business has been resilient to change, it was still hit hard by the economic downturn. The distributor deals heavily in supplying project-based products and many of those were put on hold, leading to a big drop in demand.

“Probably about 50 per cent of major projects on the board were frozen and it has only started to come back in the last six months,” Brandstater said. “We had to work a lot harder to get the sales but at the end of the day, we still remained profitable and have done reasonably well out of it.”

Although it has recently revamped its website to provide a better reseller information portal, KVM otherwise plans to change very little of its business operations.

“This model is working well,” Brandstater said. “We are not the largest distributor, in fact, we are a pretty small company, but we survive because we have good niche products and provide good service to our customer base.”

While he conceded that revenue might improve if it expanded to the Eastern states, KVM is complacent with its location.

“We are not planning to move to the East coast even though we might do better in sales. We are quite happy where we are,” Brandstater said.

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