There's no aphrodisiac like a spider's venom

There's no aphrodisiac like a spider's venom

A customer sales representative from local integrator BCA IT has made a miraculous recovery from a dangerous spider bite at a routine industry function recently.

George Stavrophoulous is a lucky man, and its not because he developed an expert ability to spell his surname in pre-school. Stavrophoulousususs underwent somewhat of a miracle cure when, after two days of intensive rest, he ventured to a partner/customer meeting with storage distributor Simms International.

During the staid event, featuring scientific commentator and analyst Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - another good speller apparently - and a group of touring IT professionals from Brazil (pictured), Stravrophoulousulus-ourous was called on stage as part of the presentation.

Stavrophoulousabitlongulousarous had been laid up in bed after a mysterious spider bite sustained on the foot rendered him unable to walk. But being the team player he is, Stavrophoulousudamu-ngapingu valiantly attended the function.

"Old Staphylococci, as he's known to his mates, is a real team player," said a mate of Stavrophoulousetcetc. "We [BCA IT] had prepared a solid showing, but with so many margaritas and sangrias to drink, we knew it was up to Staph to show the Brazilians how to partner."

But it was the Brazilians that came to the aid of Stavrophoulousexpialidosous. Using an ancient South American remedy of tassels and movement, the Brazilians soon got Stavrophoulous walking again.

Photograph: George "Staphylococci" Stavrophoulous dances with touring Brazillian IT delegates

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