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Free ‘Open Data Initiative’ Website Supports Data Transparency for Gov 2.0 Agencies -- Rich data experiences for the public

Melbourne, Australia, September, 2009 — Space-Time Research expands its role as an enabler for Government 2.0 with the announcement of its ‘Open Data Initiative’ web site. The Open Data Initiative is a free online service for the creation and dissemination of data for public consumption — now any organisation can disseminate data to the public for free and participate in the Gov2.0 experience.
  • 30 September, 2009 11:59

<p>The Open Data Initiative enables users to discover and explore data in a rich, interactive, and intuitive application. Users can select and visualize any combination of data, and then export, print, link to, and/or share it in collaboration environments. These highly engaging data experiences make extinct the labor-intensive scanning of large documents of published tables and charts.</p>
<p>The Open Data Initiative is a Web 2.0 site hosted on the Google AppEngine Cloud, enabling providers of public data to create engaging, rich and collaborative web experiences built on top of Space-Time Research’s SuperVIEW product suite. This provides transparency, fast responsiveness and scalability with built-in redundancy to a global audience.</p>
<p>The Open Data Initiative:</p>
<p>• is cost and time efficient — reduces the workload on data analysts and researchers</p>
<p>• provides data that is complete — maximises the ability of the public to self-service data of personal interest; no compromises on providing just subsets of the data</p>
<p>• provides data as service — enables organisations to provide a new online data service to the public</p>
<p>• protects the relevance of an organisation’s brand — provides an engaging and rewarding experience for the public, which reinforces the relationship of trust they have in an organization</p>
<p>• delivers data integrity — gives organisations confidence that the public are seeing the right numbers, graphs, and maps, and reaching the correct interpretation and understanding behind those numbers.</p>
<p>• delivers data responsiveness — minimises the time between data collection and data dissemination to ensure maximum relevancy of the data to the audience</p>
<p>• creates communities of users — ensures the online experience can be captured and shared by the public in collaborative environments from Blogs to Twitter.</p>
<p>Organisations are invited to test drive a demonstration at They are also invited to participate and send Space-Time Research their data by following the instructions on Alternatively they can contact Space-Time Research for further information.</p>
<p>About Space-Time Research Pty. Ltd.</p>
<p>Space-Time Research enables data transparency for government and other data providers. SuperSTAR analytics and visualizations provide a rich data experience for the delivery of public intelligence and government 2.0.</p>
<p>Space-Time Research is the leader in web-based data dissemination combining microdata with confidentialization and field-level security for advanced privacy protection. Customers include many of the most advanced government census and statistics organizations including the US Bureau of Census and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.</p>
<p>For more information about Space-Time Research, please visit</p>

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