What's new from ... Leibert, APC, Sola, Chloride Hytek

What's new from ... Leibert, APC, Sola, Chloride Hytek


Liebert is launching its Nfinity 4kVA to 16kVA UPS, designed with N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection for workstations, servers, networks and teleco equipment.

Its power modules are designed in 4kVA "building blocks" and utilise patent-pending current-sharing technology to provide parallel redundancy capability. These power modules also feature a power factor corrected (PFC) rectifier to create a sinusoidal input current waveform, allowing the system to use power more efficiently and reduce reflected distortion, the company claims.

Nfinity's patent-pending frame design allows battery backup times to be customised to customers' needs. Optional battery cabinets can be added to provide up to 72 hours of backup time. Its battery module continuously monitors the battery's voltage, power current and temperature, and contains an intelligent battery sensing circuit that will take it offline if a problem is detected.

The UPS also includes four Intellislot ports for multiple user options, including SNMP cards which allow the Nfinity to communicate with an Ethernet network; MultiPort4 cards which enable up to four client computers to monitor UPS status; and relay contact cards for remote monitoring of alarm conditions. It also comes with MultiLink shutdown monitoring software which provides unattended orderly shutdown of multiple computers. Pricing is yet to be announced.

Liebert: 1800 622 274


American Power Conversion (APC) recently launched its Symmetra RM range of rack-mount UPSs designed to protect rack-mounted servers from power anomalies and outages. Available in sizes ranging from 2kVA to 6kVA, it protects on average five to 20 servers.

The Symmetra RM's architecture is similar to the design of RAID (redundant array of independent drives) technology, consisting of a rack-mount frame with slots that house both power and battery modules.

It also houses an intelligent module and a redundant intelligent module so that if a module fails, the other modules seamlessly pick up the load and ensure uninterrupted output power. The system supports a total load of 6kVA with N+1 redundancy.

Each module is user serviceable and hot-swappable. Additional modules can also be added when the need to increase power capacity or runtime arises.

The Symmetra RM includes APC's Web/SNMP management card and PowerChute, plus network shutdown software. The Web/SNMP management card lets users remotely identify potential problems and manage the UPSs via a Web browser.

The Symmetra RM is immediately available and retails for $6266 including GST.

APC: (02) 9955 9366


Sola's 650 Axxium Pro 3kVA to 18kVA UPS models provide online, high-frequency, multi-conversion power protection for midrange IT applications, such as mini mainframes, servers, networks and OEM applications.

Its N+X modular design allows extensive configurability and 24 x 7 redundancy capabilities, according to the company.

The SOLA 650 Axxium Pro is available in 3-Slot, 6-Slot, 9-Slot and 12-Slot enclosures, and includes built-in expansion slots for additional power and battery modules, allowing the UPS to grow to meet future power protection needs.

Its hot-swappable power and battery modules also make them easy to remove, repair and replace. It also has a menu-driven LCD display, allowing easy diagnostic troubleshooting, according to Sola.

Its two BestDock communication slots enables a variety of remote management options for power management, including Sola's BestLink SNMP/Web Adapter which provides both SNMP or HTTP compatibility between the UPSs and an Ethernet LAN/WAN for remote system monitoring and shutdown via a standard Web browser or SNMP.

SOLA 650 Axxium Pro also includes Sola's CheckUPS II v3.x power management software suite, which is compatible with most major operating systems.

RRP of the SOLA 650 Axxium Pro starts at around $7000.

Sola: (03) 9706 5022

Chloride Hytek

Chloride Hytek's Synthesis Twin 4kVA to 30kVA UPS is designed to protect large mission-critical computer and communications systems, including satellite systems, air traffic control systems, Internet nodes and banking systems.

Its parallel redundancy capability enables users to add up to two additional UPS units to increase load-sharing as their business and computer systems grow.

The UPS combines Chloride's Digital Interactive and Double Conversion technologies. The Digital Interactive technology is designed to provide high reliability with low running costs, while the Double Conversion technology is designed to provide safety under extreme power supply conditions.

Its power modules also include a Power Factor Corrector which provides very low harmonic emissions, thus preventing disturbances to other applications, the company claims.

The Synthesis Twin comes with Chloride's LIFE2000 24 x 7 remote surveillance service which is monitored by Chloride's Customer Service Centre and, in the event of a power disturbance, sends a warning to the service centre.

The UPS comes with round-the-clock systems shutdown software. Users can also monitor the performance of the UPS by using the Easy Plus graphic software for local systems monitoring or the Easy Plus Remote Access for remote systems monitoring.

The Synthesis Twin is currently available, with RRP starting at $4500 excluding GST.

Chloride Hytek: 1800 252 824

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