Product wars: Memory blank

Product wars: Memory blank

MIB's Neuraliser coming up trumps in the product wars this week

It seems erasing memory is the favoured power among the masses with MIB’s Neuraliser scoring full marks from all voters midway through this week's ARN Sci-fi gadget Product Wars.

The innocuous device has garnered an unprecedented 100 per cent preferred votes rating, the first we’ve seen in Product Wars’ history. In a more violent turn, Stargate SG-1’s Jaffa battle staff currently resides in second place with an 86 per cent rating.

Ironman’s Mark II suit is coming in a close third with 83 per cent while Back to the Future’s Hover Board is comfortablly in fourth place. Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver managed to scrape into fifth place with just 44 per cent preferred votes.

Don’t agree with the results so far? The good news is you can change them. Tell us which product you think deserves to be in the top five. Click here to vote and support your favourite!

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