Acer serves it up to resellers

Acer serves it up to resellers

As part of its new focus on the server market, Acer Computer Australia has launched its new appliance server solution for the small business market.

The Altos SA50 is a ready-to-go bundle that will spearhead Acer's new channel server program for resellers and integrators, due to launch next month.

Richard Johns, Acer's senior project manager for services and networking, said it was ideal for small businesses wanting to integrate users on the Internet.

The server runs on a Linux kernel, with the system built over the top. This gives it cross-platform capability, so clients can still use their preferred operating systems without having to standardise the entire network.

At a recent reseller forum Acer integrated its SA50 into a Citrix environment where its sole function was running the Internet gateway for users. "As long as they are connecting onto a network, anyone can access the SA50," Johns said.

Acer has always offered servers for the SME market, but this is the vendor's first appliance server, which can be used for functions such as Web or storage. Automated Internet protocol sharing means new users can be added to the local network without having to obtain additional external addresses.

"All the administration is done through a standard Web browser, which is where it can be really beneficial to our channel partners," Johns said. "It allows them to manage their clients without having to go out onsite."

The SA50 also features a system log so resellers don't need to go onsite to monitor server issues. "This is a bundled solution that gives flexibility to our partners and makes the server an easy sell," he said.

Acer is offering three versions of the server - the standard SA50 with modem, SA50, modem and five port switch or with a second hard drive. The standard offering will retail for $2198. Another offering from Acer is its built-to-configure program on the Altos SA50, a service that is proving increasingly popular with resellers, according to Johns.Photograph: Acer's Richard Johns

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