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Support for Intel RPAT Now Available in the Newly Released LogMeIn Pro2 and LogMeIn Rescue Remote Access and Support Solutions

  • 23 September, 2009 10:41

<p>Intel Remote PC Assist Technology (RPAT) support is now available as a standard feature in the LogMeIn Pro2 remote access solution at no additional cost[1]. Additionally, an RPAT add-on for LogMeIn Rescue is now available for purchase.</p>
<p>Support is a vital component of the value-added offerings that managed service providers (MSPs) deliver to their customers, but “truck-roll” support calls and equipment returns can drive up costs. By using the new Intel RPAT with LogMeIn remote support and remote management solutions, MSPs can lower their support costs, while extending a superior service experience to their clients.</p>
<p>“We believe the capabilities available with Intel RPAT are so compelling for IT service providers that we decided to make it standard in our flagship remote access product, LogMeIn Pro2,” said Kevin Farrell, vice president of digital living, LogMeIn, Inc. “RPAT will help service providers deliver better service and reduce the time techs need to be on-site resolving issues. This translates to lower costs for MSPs.”</p>
<p>Research by Intel confirms that support issues which remain “unresolvable” in the OS account for approximately 46 percent of support costs. LogMeIn, when used together with Intel RPAT, enables MSPs to address many of these issues without a truck-roll or equipment return. LogMeIn is the first and currently the only vendor to support Intel RPAT functionality, providing below the O/S access for advanced remote support and manageability.</p>
<p>Intel RPAT and LogMeIn also give support professionals the ability to extend and differentiate their service offerings by including proactive management of their customers’ environments. Intel RPAT and LogMeIn provide the ability to power on a remote computer, eliminating the need for users to leave their computer on or in sleep mode to receive critical updates or perform back-ups. The result is better PC management, and better power management for customers and the ability for MSPs to increase services revenue. Additionally, technicians can access remote computers at the BIOS level in the event of an OS or hard-drive failure that often accompanies the “blue screen of death.”</p>
<p>Intel RPAT and LogMeIn have enabled managed service provider PTY to expand its proactive support to PCs. Using this technology, PTY reports it has been able to reduce the number of technicians visiting client sites for PC support. PTY also reports a reduction in service phone calls from clients.</p>
<p>“The support of RPAT in LogMeIn’s remote access and support solutions means we’re able to resolve more of our customers critical issues at the first point of contact,” said Jen Smith, VP Sales &amp; Marketing for PTY Inc. “Not only does this make our customers happy, but we’re able to reduce support costs while differentiating our service offering.”</p>
<p>“Intel Remote PC Assist Technology gives MSPs greater manageability and the ability to extend superior service to their clients,” said David Tuhy, Intel general manager in the Business Client Group. “LogMeIn makes it easy for service providers to provide remote support and proactive maintenance, and for small businesses to get the help they need to keep their business running smoothly.”</p>
<p>For more information and to sign up for a trial of a LogMeIn solution with Intel RPAT, please visit</p>
<p>About LogMeIn Pro2</p>
<p>LogMeIn Pro² provides anytime, anywhere access to your computer's files and applications. From the convenience of a web browser, you can work with a remote computer securely as if you were sitting right in front of it.</p>
<p>About LogMeIn Rescue</p>
<p>LogMeIn Rescue allows support organisations to cost-effectively deliver high-touch support, training and educational services to customers, partners and employees. Rescue is a secure, web-based help desk and remote support solution that gives support professionals the ability to connect to a remote computer or smartphone without pre-installed software. LogMeIn Rescue works on Windows-based PCs and Macs, as well as mobile devices running Windows Mobile®, Symbian™ and BlackBerry®.</p>
<p>About LogMeIn, Inc.</p>
<p>LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) makes it easy to connect and access remote computing devices—desktops, laptops, point-of-sale systems, medical devices, smartphones and more—from any internet-connected computer, including an iPhone or the in-dash computer of a Ford F-150 pick-up truck. Over 25 million registered users have connected more than 70 million devices using LogMeIn for business productivity, personal mobility and IT support. LogMeIn is based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, with offices in Australia, Hungary and the Netherlands, and on the web at</p>
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