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AOC Releases an All-Purpose LCD Monitor

  • 16 September, 2009 16:10

<p><strong>Sydney, Australia</strong> - <strong>16 September 2009</strong> - AOC
presents an all-purpose widescreen LCD monitor in the shape of the 2036Va. It
features a 20" widescreen display with dual inputs, 60,000:1 (DCR) contrast
ratio (which delivers exceptional image clarity), and a 160-degree viewing angle
to provide increased visibility from side viewpoints. The 2036Va has built-in
speakers, 16:9 aspect ratio for ideal HD viewing and a fast response time of 5ms
for sharp moving images with no motion blur. For added convenience, the 36 series
includes a USB port for easier access to peripheral devices.<br/>
AOC’s latest release, the 36 series LCD monitor range boasts extremely low
power consumption of up to 50% of the energy used in a typical LCD monitor. Combined
with great value, the 36 series monitor is a must-buy for budget-conscious users
who also want to reduce energy consumption in computing. Winning the EPEAT Silver
Award, the 36 series has achieved a high standard of “Green” monitor.<br/>
<strong>AOC 36 Series Key Features</strong><br/>
<strong>Energy Savings</strong><br/>
In power saving mode the monitor uses only 50% of the power compared to normal
operation, without affecting the image quality. This is complemented by AOC's
market-leading i-Bright technology which reduces backlight CCFL for lower power
consumption and reduced mercury levels.<br/>
<strong>Power Off Timer</strong><br/>
When tuning to Power Saving mode in friendly OSD menu, the monitor will only use
50% power compared to the normal condition, without affecting users.<br/>
<strong>Improved Depth (DCR 60000:1): </strong><br/>
The Ultra-high Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) gives the finest details at a ratio
of 60000:1, allowing the user to see the darker areas of the content with greater
depth. <br/>
<strong>USB 2.0 Hub:</strong><br/>
With a USB connector provides an alternative gateway to connect and access storage
devices such as USB flash, hard disks and cameras.<br/>
<strong>16: 9 Widescreen, True Full Screen HD: </strong><br/>
View full screen HD movie without distortion or black bars.<br/>
<strong>Image Ratio Control:</strong> <br/>
With an input format of 4:3, switching display formats from 4:3 to 16:9 matches
the input format and prevents the distortion of images. There is also a convenient
hotkey for easy adjustment. <br/>
<strong>Eco Mode:</strong><br/>
It consists of 6 display settings of text, Internet, games, movies, sport &amp;
power saving mode, and caters to different viewing situations.<br/>
<strong>Product and Pricing Summary</strong><br/>
Vendor: AOC<br/>
Model: AOC 36 Series 20" 2036Va<br/>
RRP: A$219<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a><br/>
Distributor: Altech Computers<br/>
Availability: Now<br/>
<strong>About AOC</strong><br/>
AOC is positioned to be one of the top global players in providing the best value
display technology. Nowadays AOC offers not only a cold hardware, but also unique
lifestyle feeling. AOC LCD monitor brings green, entertainment, human-element
life experience. In 2008, AOC shipped 8.4 million units of PC monitor and TV products,
representing an annual growth of 20.8%. AOC achieved impressive sales performance
in Asia Pacific &amp; South America. AOC market share increased 2.1% from 12.2%
in Y2007 to 14.3% in Y2008, which IDC AP ranked AOC second in volume in Asia Pacific
(ex. Japan) (Source: IDC AP non-bundled PC Monitor Tracker Q4 2008).<br/>
<strong>PR CONTACT</strong><br/>
Renato Catalan<br/>
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a></p>

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