PC Briefs: Printer market, AMD, NEC and Toshiba

PC Briefs: Printer market, AMD, NEC and Toshiba

Printer market falters

The printer market couldn't sustain its strong June sales figures, recording a 26 per cent drop in unit sales for July, according to channel analyst firm Inform. However, year-on-year sales were relatively flat. Unit sales in inkjets were up 9 per cent on July 2001. In comparison, laser sales were down 18 per cent year-on-year. Canon has been consistently increasing share in the inkjet market over the past year and now holds 40 per cent of the sector. HP lost 2 per cent share in inkjets, but its 41 per cent share in lasers allowed it to take 37 per cent of the overall market. HP holds a whopping 62 per cent market share in the multifunction sector.

AMD delays Clawhammer

AMD will release its Clawhammer desktop processor in the first quarter of 2003, a delay from the previously scheduled release in Q4 this year. The company will also delay the release of the Barton core for its currently available Athlon XP processors, until after a new Athlon XP is released with a 333MHz front-side bus in the fourth quarter of this year, said Jen Truong, an AMD spokeswoman. Barton, a new core intended to replace the existing Thoroughbred processor core used in Athlon XP chips, will be available for desktop and mobile processors in the first quarter of 2003, she said.

NEC, Toshiba chip up

A Japanese newspaper has reported a partnership between NEC and Toshiba to jointly develop next-generation memory chips that reduce power consumption. The deal between Japan's top two chip makers will involve the development of Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) chips, which substantially increase the length of time notebook PCs and mobile phones can operate on a single battery charge. NEC and Toshiba are reported to have set up a joint task force with 20 engineers from each company, aiming to establish a prototype production line at NEC's plant in Sagamihara, near Tokyo, by year's end.

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