Product Wars: The name is Bond. James Bond

Product Wars: The name is Bond. James Bond

The cars, the girls, the martinis... Which guy doesn't want to be James Bond?

But under all that glitz and glamour, Bond is one hell of a spy. His success can be attributed to his intelligence, fast reflexes and disarming charisma. But what would 007 be without his trusty array of gadgets?

Okay, so Bond doesn't really exist, but you'd be surprised what products are out that he would be proud to call his own.

In this week's ARN Product Wars, we have put together a collection of Bond-worthy Gadgets and we want you to tell us which one you think is the best.

The candidates are: Cell phone voice changer, De-FIB0ulator portable lie-detector, Key chain video camera, Micro Eyes home security camera, Mini flashlight stun gun (200K volts), Night vision goggles, Pro-series telephone voice changer, Spycam video sunglasses, Super TrackStick GPS tracking device, The Bionic Ear listening device, Wireless pen camcorder, wireless X12 taser LLS stun gun and Zippo-style digital cigarette lighter camera

Click here to have your say. Vote as many times as you want to support your favourite!

Last week's USB Disk Toy results: 1. USB Missile Launcher - 80% 2. USB Mp3 Sunglasses - 66% 2. USB Star Wars Lightsaber - 66% 4. USB MyPet Cam Digital Camera - 55% 5. USB Piggy FM Radio - 54%

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