Stylish photos in the Blink of an eye

Stylish photos in the Blink of an eye

While digital camera technology marches ever onward, with higher megapixel units being released every few months, there is similar progress at the lower end, to produce cheap and cheerful digital cameras for users that want happy snapping wherever they go. The SiPix Stylecam Blink is just such a camera. Weighing less than 50 grams, this 5cm x 5cm camera takes pictures at a resolution of 640 x 480, and has enough onboard memory to store up to 400 images. The Blink's USB port allows it to be used as a videoconferencing unit, as well the ability to take up to 100 pictures in quick succession for conversion into AVI files. The camera also comes with software CD with applications that can edit photos, make AVIs, create montages and more.

The Stylecam Blink is available from Widget Australia for $99.

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