Tyre-kickers eye Dicker Data

Tyre-kickers eye Dicker Data

Dicker Data is flirting with the prospect of selling, however the distributor's owner, Fiona Dicker, said she is not entertaining any serious offers as yet.

Dicker said the prospective buyers to date have all been "tyre-kickers" after a bargain basement special in which she is not prepared to indulge. That is apart from one tier-two distributor whose offer was subsequently rejected by one of Dicker's major supply partners due to a conflict of interest.

"People are surprised when they look at our books and find that we're profitable," said Dicker. Her business makes its profit from Toshiba, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard hardware, of which the latter contributes a large percentage.

With HP's new channel structure still under review, it is unlikely any sale of Dicker will go ahead until it is established whether or not it has secured distribution rights for HP's PC and notebook line-up, and possibly its printing and imaging range.

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