ABS: 48 per cent of farms have broadband

ABS: 48 per cent of farms have broadband

Figures show broadband far more popular than dial up connections

Just under half of all Australian farms have a broadband Internet connection, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

In the 2007-08 financial year 48 per cent of farms surveyed by the ABS said they had a broadband connection. Sixty-six per cent used the Internet for business operations.

The figures come from the 2007-08 Agricultural Resource Management Survey.

The ACT had the highest use of Internet with 74 per cent. Tasmanian farms lagged behind with only 59 per cent. The ACT also had the highest proportion of broadband users (62 per cent). Surprisingly, the Northern Territory was second (55 per cent). Tasmania had the lowest proportion of broadband users (42 per cent).

South Australia had the highest rate of dial-up connections (21 per cent). The average was 17 per cent, meaning broadband was far more popular.

Ninety per cent of farms with an estimated value of agricultural operations (EVAO) of $1m or more used the Internet for their business operations.

The full report from the ABS is available here.

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