The ISP Q&A Series: Netspace

The ISP Q&A Series: Netspace

7. If content filtering were to block World of Warcraft, how much customer bandwidth traffic will you lose? As part of our value added services we offer our customers access to our Gamespace service, Gamespace hosts World of Warcraft servers so we would do everything in our power to make sure it wasn’t filtered as it is one of our most popular online games.

8. What impact to you foresee the NBN having on your company? We see the NBN as great opportunity for our business, for instance we have installed a large amount of infrastructure in Tasmania to offer the customers a real choice of provider down there. We see the roll out of the NBN network in Tasmania (and the rest of Australia) further enhancing our ability to offer these customers a real choice of provider that they didn’t have before.

9. Do you believe ISPs should be held legally accountable for what their customers share over the Internet? This is a very tricky question indeed. The clearest comparison is people use phones to perpetrate crimes every day, should the Telco be taken to task as a result? This hasn’t been the case in the past and nor will it be in the future. We take our duties as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously but we are just a service provider, we have no wish to control what customers use their Internet for.

10. What are some of the key focuses for your company over the next year? Netspace is continuing to innovate, with exciting new products coming online this financial year, complimented by the continued roll out of our own infrastructure. We will continue to maintain the top level of customer service and support that we are renowned for. We have a great product range and an excellent team of passionate people as a result we are experiencing explosive growth so the future looks rosy for Netspace.

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