Product Wars: What USB toys do you have on your desk?

Product Wars: What USB toys do you have on your desk?

Lava lamps, lightsabres… Missile Launchers? Manufacturers can stick a USB cable into almost anything and lately they have been jabbing wires into funky toys for the sole purpose of entertainment. USB desk toys are all the rage as office workers rush to adorn their cubicles with wicked gadgets. Besides being a great way to waste a USB port, they also provide an excellent distraction from working.

This week, ARN has picked the crème de la crème of USB toys for your voting pleasure so tell us which one you think is the best.

The candidates are: 8 Direction USB JoyPad Controller,USB aromatic air diffuser, USB Frog Massager, USB Lava Lamp, USB Missle Launcher, USB Mp3 Sunglasses, USB MyPet Cam Digital Camera, USB Piggy FM Radio, USB Plasma Ball, USB Snow Man and USB Star Wars Lightsaber.

Click here to have your say. Vote as many times as you want to support your favourite!

USB memory stick results: 1. LaCie iamaKey USB - 67% 2. Cobra USB wristband - 62% 3. Rubber electric guitar USB - 58% 4. Pink VW Beetle USB - 53% 5. Memory Pill USB - 52%

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