Product Wars: Coolest novelty USB stick?

Product Wars: Coolest novelty USB stick?

USB flash drive customisation has become a big trend with people turning to the humble (and often aesthetically dull) memory stick for self-expression. YouTube is full of video clips with step-by-step tutorials on how to “pimp your USB”. But for those that cannot be bothered to roll up their sleeves for a bit of DIY action, there are alternatives.

The novelty USB flash drive market has exploded in recent years as manufacturers try to cash in on its popularity. From heart-shaped to rubber guitars, there are endless varieties to choose from. For this week’s ARN Product Wars, we have selected a few of our personal favourites and pitted them against each other.

So which one will come out on top as the Coolest USB Memory Flash Stick?

Click here to check out the selection and start voting!

The candidates are: Cobra USB wristband, Pizza USB drive, Eclipse USB laser pointer pen, Hamburger USB drive, LaCie iamaKey USB, Maki Zushi (sushi roll) USB, Memory Pill USB, Multifunction USB, Pink VW Beetle USB, Rubber electric guitar USB, Sweet memories heart-shaped USB, Transformers (Ravage) USB and Watermelon USB drive

Last week’s MP3 Player Product Wars results: #1 Microsoft Zune 16 GB - 77% #2 Creative ZEN Mosaic EZ300 - 63% #3 Samsung YP-Q1 16GB - 48% #4 iRiver T6 - 47% #4 LG FM37 - 47%

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