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New LEGATO Replication Features Enable Remote Branch Offices to Consolidate Data on Microsoft Windows Storage Servers

  • 19 November, 2003 10:36

<p>New LEGATO Replication Features Enable Remote Branch Offices to Consolidate Data on Microsoft Windows Storage Servers</p>
<p>Customers Shift to Using Replication as a Replacement for Local Backup in Branch Office Environments</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia, November 19, 2003 - LEGATO Software, the leader in open software for Information Management™, today announced enhancements to its RepliStor for Windows Storage Server solution. Now, users have the ability to support many-to-one and one-to-many replication configurations for data consolidation on a Windows Storage Server. The added functionality enables customers to replace low-end backup solutions with real-time replication to bring data from their branch offices into their data center for backup. Supporting this new paradigm in data protection, LEGATO continues to demonstrate its commitment to provide high-value, high-performance solutions for maximising reliability and reducing total cost of ownership.</p>
<p>Consolidating data with RepliStor on Windows Storage Servers replaces the need for backup devices and software deployed in small, distributed environments, saving money and IT resources and preserving application performance. Instead of operating backup systems at several distributed sites, data is replicated to a central location and then backed up using an enterprise-class solution, such as LEGATO NetWorker. Finally, deploying RepliStor on NAS ensures data integrity because RepliStor captures every change made to the data by any attached server.</p>
<p>“The preservation of data and the ability to retrieve it following natural disasters or other events is critical to our success,” said Wes Graves, supervisor of Microsoft platforms at Administaff, Inc. “RepliStor allows us to consolidate our information management operations, saving money, time and resources and optimising the quality of our data protection and recovery during times of crisis.”</p>
<p>Customers with branch office environments can realise tremendous benefits from deploying RepliStor for Windows Storage Server on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. By installing the solution directly on a NAS device rather than on a server attached to storage, replication traffic is significantly reduced on the local network to preserve performance for business communications.</p>
<p>“Many community banks and large financial institutions, insurance companies, retail stores, and any organisation with branch office operations are in the process of changing their approach to information protection,” said William Hurley, senior analyst with Enterprise Application Group. “Wide-area consolidation of data from branch offices can rationalise data backup operations, providing cost savings and decreasing the burden on branch office staff. The SEC's recommendations published in April 2003 for second-site backup as a best practice for financial institutions have accelerated the adoption of this approach, as LEGATO Software reports that their customers are adopting.”</p>
<p>“The updated version of RepliStor delivers higher-value, higher performing data replication solutions tailored for their Windows Storage Server 2003 deployments,” said Claude Lorenson, technical product manager of the Enterprise Storage Division at Microsoft. “We are pleased to work with LEGATO to address the need for more complete and efficient data protection in branch offices and enterprise departments.”</p>
<p>“We expanded our replication capabilities to Windows Storage Server to increase our customers’ ability to consolidate data from multiple individual systems and remote branch offices,” said Victoria Grey, vice president of Information Protection and Availability at LEGATO Software. “Our customers are experiencing immediate savings by moving from a local branch office backup methodology, to a centralised data protection and business continuity focus. Adding our NetWorker enterprise class data protection solution to the mix provides complete information management.”</p>
The new version of RepliStor for Windows Storage Server is immediately available. The solution interoperates with other versions of RepliStor running on Windows Server systems and contains all of the original features contained in the initial release in September 2003.</p>
<p>About LEGATO RepliStor
RepliStor is a market-leading solution for software data replication on Windows, which was named as the only replication product finalist for the Windows and .NET Magazine Best of Show Award at this year’s Microsoft Tech Ed show in Dallas, Texas. RepliStor uses patented, asynchronous, real-time data replication to copy Microsoft Windows data across LAN and WAN networks. RepliStor can make any number of copies of data, at unlimited distances between Windows servers, and on any type of Windows storage.</p>
<p>About LEGATO Software
LEGATO Software, a division of EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), is a global provider of open, enterprise-class software solutions and services for Information Management - helping organisations simplify management and control of information, and enable business continuity and compliance at the lowest TCO. LEGATO’s information protection, automated availability, and messaging and content management solutions are delivered through a worldwide network of strategic partnerships and alliances, as well as a direct sales force. The division's headquarters are located at 2350 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040; (650) 210-7000; fax: (650) 210-7032; Web site:
The company’s head office in Australia is located at Level 10, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060. For further information or details on pricing and availability please call Legato Systems on (61 2) 9929 4944.</p>
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