Global services player eyes integration niche

Global services player eyes integration niche

Global services and integration organisation HiServ Australia has certainly received a good grounding in customer service.

Before the organisation officially entered the local market in January last year, HiServ existed as the IT department of the Hoechst group of companies. However, according to Tony Weate, HiServ's sales and marketing manager, that relationship expanded recently when Hoechst decided that HiServ would have to compete for its business in the knowledge that its parent would also be looking to external providers to service Hoechst's requirements.

As a result, HiServ established 15 offices around the globe with the aim of providing SAP design and implementation services along with a range of what it calls advanced business intelligence (ABI) integration services.

As Weate explained last week, the organisation's charter is "to integrate our customers' disparate systems and offer consultancy and software solutions to support this".

HiServ's local managing director, Manny Sayanos, added that "HiServ is not singularly focused on technical product solutions, rather the advantage to customers in enabling simpler, faster interface application integration.

"We want to be able to provide customers with a balance sheet or consolidated report in four hours, not four days," Sayanos declared.

And while Weate admitted that HiServ has experienced a solid start, the organisation is currently going through a "growth spurt" that should see it become profitable some time this calendar year.

He did mention, however, that HiServ's local oppo-sition is the only global arm independant of Hoechst revenue.

Bold plans

Weate explained that while HiServ's core focus will remain with ABI, the local organisation has bold plans to replicate its global SAP expertise. Part of this expansion will be enabled by a strong hiring push. HiServ expects to grow from its current head count of 22 to a team of 60 by the end of next year.

According to Weate, many of these new positions will be generated in R&D with a view to developing new integration products. One such product, which Weate expects to be unveiled shortly, will allow a customer to perform its own integration project by graphically linking disparate computer systems to match business requirements.

"This product could enable business unit managers to direct an integration project rather than the IT department."

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