SP appliance scales the SonicWall

SP appliance scales the SonicWall


SonicWall's new TELE3 SP is a secure firewall and VPN appliance that integrates and automates fail-over and fail-back technology for both broadband and dial-up connections. The technology works by creating the smartest path (hence SP) back to the network by automatically switching to an analog modem connection if the broadband connection goes down. Once the connection is back up and running, the TELE3 SP automatically switches back. Distributor Lan 1 believes the device is ideal for kiosk point-of-sale terminals or remote access users. The device is managed through SonicWall's Global Management System and supports SonicWall Network Antivirus, Internet Content Filtering and Authentication Service.

The product carries a retail price of $1,550 (ex GST) and is available through Lan 1, Dovetail and Tecksel.

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