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Webtrends Marketing Warehouse Now Available As On Premise Solution

Webtrends, a global analytics leader with world class data collection and analysis, today announced availability of the Webtrends Marketing Warehouse On Premise product.
  • 07 July, 2009 15:31

<p>Marketing Warehouse Can Serve as a Storage and Analysis Hub For All Customer Data, or as a Data Mart Integrated with Existing Enterprise Warehouses</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – July 7th, 2009 – Webtrends, a global analytics leader with world class data collection and analysis, today announced availability of the Webtrends Marketing Warehouse On Premise product. Webtrends Marketing Warehouse serves as a storage and analysis hub for all customer data allowing a company’s marketing, analysts and business intelligence developers to work together in the ultimate pursuit to mine understanding and insight from numbers to drive action. Marketing Warehouse On Premise also integrates seamlessly with traditional enterprise data warehouses to provide a tailored solution that meets enterprise-wide business needs.</p>
<p>The new Webtrends Marketing Warehouse allows customers to:</p>
<p>· Enrich all customer data with segmentation and score information</p>
<p>· Gain valuable insight through data analysis of segments and visitor behaviour</p>
<p>· Integrate easily with an existing customer’s enterprise data warehouse and marketing applications such as email and CRM, to help drive action across individuals</p>
<p>“Webtrends Marketing Warehouse is unique to the marketplace as it provides insight into individual visitor behaviours over time to drive more effective marketing efforts. This in turn drives revenue,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, vice president, marketing, Webtrends. “We are seeing strong adoption of Marketing Warehouse across industries that collect sensitive information and require deep control of that data, such as financial services, insurance and healthcare.”</p>
<p>When used as a data hub, Marketing Warehouse provides the data capture, enrichment and integration capabilities of the data mart, along with unparalleled data analysis and warehousing capabilities. Built-in tools and add-on components result in the ability to analyse and segment online data through:</p>
<p>• Webtrends Explore. This built-in data exploration tool lets you drill into a specific customer segment by campaign, content, product and conversion event to get a better understanding of customer preferences.</p>
<p>• Webtrends Score. The industry’s only patented solution for quantifying visitor behaviour lets you precisely segment and target your most valuable customers.</p>
<p>From an organisation’s marketers to data analysts, all employees rely on the data generated by website visitors and customers to make actionable business decisions and the data warehouse needs to serve them and their divergent needs.</p>
<p>About Webtrends Inc.</p>
<p>Webtrends is a trusted analytics advisor in the business of collecting, analysing, delivering and ultimately transforming data into understanding. Webtrends delivers the industry's most recognised searcher engine marketing, visitor intelligence, and analytics solutions to enable companies to understand their customers, drive engagement, and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Thousands of global organisations, including Microsoft, Reuters, General Mills and Ticketmaster have chosen Webtrends business solutions and client services expertise to optimise their customers' online experiences. Webtrends was the first web analytics company, founded over 15 years ago. You can learn more about Marketing Warehouse and other Webtrends products and services at</p>
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