Internode first to ride the Basslink

Internode first to ride the Basslink

The Internet service provider will still continue its Telstra wholesale arrangements

Internode has become the first Internet service provider (ISP) to use the newly opened Basslink.

The Adelaide-based company signed a three-year deal with the mainland to Tasmania fibre backhaul service in March, which will increase Internode’s data capacity to the state by 150 per cent. The initial bandwidth would allow for 622Mbps transfer rate with speeds to shoot over 1Gbps later in the year.

While the Basslink was constructed to reduce Telstra’s stranglehold over Tasmania’s broadband market, Internode managing director, Simon Hackett, said the company will continue to use the incumbent telco’s cable as a backup for customers.

As well as offering Tasmania broadband quality equivalent to its mainland cousin, the Basslink halves Internode’s data backhaul cost.

“Before the Basslink went live, total income from Tasmania was lower than total backhaul cost from Telstra, meaning Internode has been subsidizing the running costs of the state’s customers until now,” Hackett said. “We can now increase our investments in competitive ADSL2+ in the region, providing services with higher performance at a lower cost than wholesale alternatives.”

The Basslink launch follows the ISP’s announcement that it would inject $10 million in a national ADSL2+ network expansion with a strong focus in Tasmania. The state will be fitted with Internode’s DSLAM at an additional 10 telephone exchanges, bringing the total number to 12.

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