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KORDZ punts on US home cinema market turn around

David Meyer, CEO of Melbourne based home electronic systems specialist KORDZ, is gambling that the US market has bottomed and the multi million dollar home cinema/home entertainment market will return to growth within the next 12 months following its switch to digital. Mr. Meyer and his new USA Director Michael Schaller will be available on Stand 244 at CEDIA EXPO 09, Darling Harbour July 13-17. Contact TERRY QUINN 0439 710 418 for appointment or go to
  • 06 July, 2009 12:20

<p>PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Distribution:</p>
<p>• Melbourne based Kordz Pty Ltd has appointed Michael Schaller as Director of Kordz USA (photo attached) to plan its North American market attack.</p>
<p>• Kordz CEO David Meyer said today he believed that despite the world wide business downturn, the fact that the USA is officially switching to digital broadcasts from analog starting this month will start to impact positively on the home electronic system entertainment market (home cinema/home audio systems) from Q3 – “and we believe that for highly specialised suppliers such as Kordz, the coming upswing presents an opportunity, if we have positioned ourselves properly in the market.”</p>
<p>• (MEDIA NOTE: Michael Schaller will visit Australia in July for CEDIA EXPO 09, Australia’s peak Custom Electronic Design &amp; Installation Association’s annual conference and exhibition, the largest single event for the multi million dollar residential electronic systems industry - Sydney’s Darling Harbour July 13-17. The annual event covers the latest products and services in Audio Visual, Home Cinema, Home Office IT, Remote Lighting, Security, Air Conditioning , Home Automation, Energy Management and Communications. Contact David Meyer Ph: 03 9776 8340 or PR Terry Quinn on 0439 710 418</p>
<p>Leading Australian home electronic systems/HDMI cable specialist KORDZ has announced it plans to launch onto the north American market with the appointment of high profile industry executives and distributors.</p>
<p>Michael Schaller, an Industry veteran with over 25 years experience was most recently in charge of world-wide technical compliance and the interoperability work group for HDMI Licensing LLC</p>
<p>David Meyer, CEO of KORDZ said Mr. Schaller “has been tasked with starting and expanding US operation, building brand awareness, operations and sales.”</p>
<p>Mr. Schaller said that while many of the traditional installer shops have seen an overall drop of about 30% in the USA, the high end sector has not been affected as much as the middle tiered players.</p>
<p>“HDMI related products are still a growth industry which we believe will only improve from now on as America officially switches to digital broadcasts from this month. I also think there are signs that the recession is starting to ease up. In my opinion I think there will be a faster recovery in this sector due to product innovation, pricing, and availability.</p>
<p>“As far as Kordz and HDMI Licensing, LLC, is concerned we have taken a position we believe that sets our company apart. Kordz understands the Specification and CTS requirements as well as the importance of actually complying with the Spec and CTS. As the former director in charge of compliance at HDMI Licensing, I have seen some pretty bad products – especially cables. For a cable manufacturer, cutting corners on material and quality control and not complying to the Spec and CTS may be a way to increase margins at the expense of the consumer – but by undercutting the requirements set forth by HDMI, these manufacturers are actually hurting the viability of the technology as well as the consumer – the two things that are needed for them to continue and grow their business.”</p>
<p>“At Kordz, we promote compliance and work closely with HDMI even though this may cost us more in the short to medium term. By doing so, however, we can honestly guarantee that our customers will continue to receive the best possible product, and one that is backed by our “immortal” lifetime guarantee. From a pure business perspective, better products, better customer service, and better client retention is a far more superior position to be in than that of making a short term buck.”</p>
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KORDZ is a specialist brand of home cinema interconnects and accessories, founded in Australia in 2003. It is distributed internationally by Kordz Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned company with proud status as the only Australian HDMI Adopter specialist cable brand, and CEDIA member. KORDZ was awarded "Best cable range 2008" in the annual Smarthouse "Best of the best" awards, along with "Best HDMI Cables" in the annual Smarthouse Trio Awards for both 2008 and 2009, and continues to gain international recognition and support. Founder David Meyer is a CEDIA Certified Instructor on the topic of HDMI, and Australia's only official HDMI Certified Trainer. He also sits on the Board of Directors for CEDIA Asia Pacific.
About HDMI Licensing, LLC
HDMI Licensing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Image, Inc., is the agent responsible for licensing the HDMI specification, promoting the HDMI standard and providing education on the benefits of HDMI to retailers and consumers. The HDMI specification was developed by Hitachi, Matsushita (Panasonic), Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson and Toshiba as the digital interface standard for the consumer electronics market. The HDMI specification combines uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio in a single digital interface to provide crystal-clear digital quality over a single cable. For more information about HDMI, please visit</p>

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