Telco industry comes under fire for lack of Apps

Telco industry comes under fire for lack of Apps

The former Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) CEO, Allan Horsley, fired a parting shot at the telco industry today for failing to provide dynamic applications and services for Australian corporate and retail users.

Horsley addressed a collective of telecommunications professionals at the Service Provider Industry Association's (SPAN) first meeting of 2001, and took the opportunity to blast what he feels is a lack of innovative applications offered by the majority of telcos in Australia.

"People don't understand what this industry does for the economy, and what it could do if it got off its backside," said Horsley.

"We have technology coming out of our ears, and [tonnes] of infrastructure, but not enough services," argued Horsley. "And I'm not talking about services like ringing up to find out what's on at the movies, I'm talking real services that people can use."

Horsley has been at the helm of ATUG for nearly six years and is looking forward to taking up a full-time position with the Australian Communication Authority (ACA) in Melbourne.

ATUG and its industry counterpart SPAN have shared a close relationship for some time, and Horsley stressed the need for an application development consortium in which industry, consumers and developers could work on providing additional services and applications than what is currently available.

"We can double the importance of this industry to the national economy in five years [if new applications and services are deployed]," claimed Horsley.

During his address Horsley was also critical of complex tariff plans, and said carriers are becoming lost in the "miniscule" and forgetting the bigger picture when it comes to regulatory issues. Instead he would like to see the telco industry take a leadership position in what he feels is a "non-intrusive" government environment for businesses.

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