What's new from ... MicroStar, Proxim, Wyse

What's new from ... MicroStar, Proxim, Wyse

MicroStar International

Micro-Star International (MSI) has recently kicked off the large-scale production of JNT (Java network technology) based thin-client offerings. All Series 5204 network computers will be equipped with the Infomatec IAS-embedded Linux system. The JNT base is a system built on open standards, designed to provide a Linux-based operating system as well as full Java functionality.

Designed to be highly compressible it fits on a small, write crash-protected Flash-Memory which includes all necessary drivers, browsers and plug-ins. JNT also supports the Citrix ICA (independent computing architecture) and the realisation of the JNT-RDP-Client (remote desktop protocol) for the Linux world, which allows access to desktop and applications of Windows 2000 servers.

JNT Thin Clients 5204 by MSI are designed as flexible, low-maintenance devices for secure server-based computing in heterogeneous server environments. All the thin clients from MSI are based on National Semiconductor's Geode processor-equipped hardware.

MSI's JNT Thin Clients 5204 feature a National Semiconductor-embedded Geode Processor, a maximum of 64MB SDRAM memory, and video and audio functionality integrated through UMA Architecture. The 5204 includes 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller for network connectivity and a 16MB Disk-on-Module (DOM) storage device. The Thin Clients 5204 also includes 2 PS/2, 2 USB, 2 Serial, Printer, VGA, LAN and Audio X2 interfaces, and comes with optional terminal emulation.

MSI's JNT Thin Clients 5204 are currently available in Australia. Pricing details will be provided upon application.

MSI: (02) 9748 0070


Proxim's Harmony is a new wirefree networking infrastructure solution designed to work with thin client solutions. According to Proxim Harmony, it is the first wirefree networking solution to embrace all current and future wireless LAN standards, including OpenAir, IEEE 802.11b, future 10 Mbps frequency hopping and 5 GHz technologies, in a single, homogeneous architecture.

Harmony is designed to reduce equipment acquisition costs, installation complexity and long-term operating costs for enterprise customers by implementing wirefree solutions.

Existing RangeLAN2, OpenAir-compatible and IEEE 802.11b products are all fully compatible with Harmony, and, according to Proxim Harmony, will also support all forthcoming wireless LAN protocols.

Harmony is also designed to facilitate the transition to new LAN standards by adding low-cost access points without changing the management interface or disturbing existing wireless network users.

The system may be managed through a Web-based interface, which provides customisable network maps and traffic statistics, or through standard enterprise SNMP packages.

Harmony Access Points may be connected to any portion of the Ethernet network, eliminating the need for special wireless subnets common in other installations. Harmony clients also roam seamlessly anywhere there is wireless coverage, without the need for extra client software.

In addition, Harmony SmartAttach software auto-discovers and configures new access points upon connection to the Ethernet network, simplifying installation.

Harmony and Proxim's RangeLAN2 and Stratum are available through Proxim distributors such as Alstom IT and will be available at the end of March.

Alstom IT: (02) 8875 0500


Wyse Winterm 3360SE

The Wyse Winterm 3360SE is designed for users in a LAN environment who require a standard suite of office productivity applications. The Winterm 3360SE also provides for Web-based applications, e-mail and Internet browsing, and local or network-based peripherals, including printers.

With its extended suite of connectivity options, it is also suitable for remote users on a WAN, wireless, or dial-up connection. With built-in Internet Explorer for Windows CE browser, the Winterm 3360SE can also be used alone as a browser terminal or with thin-client solutions such as Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, and Citrix MetaFrameWith 15 terminal resident emulations and multisession abilities, the Winterm 3360SE can connect to legacy and Windows NT servers simultaneously.

The Winterm 3360SE comes with 10/100BaseT network support, optimized I/O with one USB ports, a PCMCIA slot, and serial and parallel ports, and offers an array of legacy system emulations and multiple sessions.

Wyse's Winterm 3360SE features Windows desktops and applications via multiuser Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers, as well as a built-in terminal version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows CE browser. The offering includes a Microsoft Windows CE operating system and Citrix Device Services (CDS). The terminals support RDP and ICA protocols and connect to any VESA standard monitor.

Connectivity is provided through a 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet, two serial, one parallel and one USB port, and PCMCIA slot.

Wyse's Winterm 3360SE is also covered by a three-year Buyer's Protection Plan.

The Winterm 3360SE is currently available from Alstom IT, with pricing upon application.

Wyse's Winterm 1200LE

Wyse's Winterm 1200LE is designed to provide a centralised desktop management option. Because the Winterm 1200LE is designed to be a completely stateless device, all of the terminal's settings are saved on the server, allowing for more control over the desktop experience.

The display-based operating system provides optimised ICA performance, with all terminal management performed at the server (using existing database programs).

Wyse designed the Winterm 1200LE for users in a LAN environment who use a standard suite of office productivity applications, e-mail and Internet browsing, and who utilise network-based peripherals.

The Winterm 1200LE comes with fully integrated 16-bit stereo sound capability, 10/100BaseT network support and optimised I/O with two USB ports. The offering also features plug-and-play connectivity, compatibility with any VESA standard monitor, and support for ICA 3 and VNC protocols. The Winterm 1200LE has multiple session support, two USB ports, 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet with link lights, and supports SNMP and DHCP management.

The Winterm 1200LE is currently available from Alstom IT, with pricing upon application.

Alstom IT: (02) 8875 0500

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