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3Com Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

Networking Industry Pioneer Remains Focused on its Core Business of Enterprise Data Networking and its Core Tenets of Value, Openness and Ease-of-Operations
  • 25 June, 2009 10:39

<p>MARLBOROUGH, Mass.—June 25, 2009—This week, 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) is celebrating 30 years since Ethernet-inventor Bob Metcalfe incorporated the company. With cutting-edge technology in its DNA, 3Com has innovated in data networking for three decades, and today continues to break new ground in terms of price/performance, open-standards and ease-of-use for enterprise networking solutions.</p>
<p>“Wow, has it been 30 years already since 3Com was incorporated?” asked Metcalfe, 3Com founder and now Polaris partner. “Computer communication compatibility, or 3Com for short, was a pretty new idea in 1979. There were hardly any personal computers around, mostly Apple IIs. And the World Wide Web was still 10 years in the future. We were a dotcom before the dots,” added Metcalfe. “Our founding idea was to promote open networking standards, and we chose three winners: Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Unix. Our customers turned out enthusiastic about standards and our initial PC LAN products. We grew with them, according to Metcalfe’s Law: V~N^2. Happy Birthday, 3Com!”</p>
<p>“3Com is the thriving company it is today because of the culture of innovation that we live and breathe each day,” said Bob Mao, CEO of 3Com. “I am humbled to be a part of an organization that has such deep roots in the networking industry and believe that we have the right combination of unique assets, strategic priorities and investment areas that will enable us to continue to create solutions that meet the demands of our customers well into the future.”</p>
<p>Starting with the first commercial TCP/IP for UNIX, and then the introduction of the first “Thicknet” Ethernet Transceiver, the 3C100, 3Com’s 30-year timeline is dotted with customer-driven technology innovations such as:
o The world’s first Ethernet adapter card for the PC
o The world’s first commercial network operating system, Etherseries
o Commercialization of Ethernet bridging which later evolved into Ethernet switching
o Use of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to lower the cost and complexity of networking
o The Ethernet stackable hub and switch
o The invention and commercialization of Power over Ethernet (PoE)
o Creation of IRF® (XRN®) virtual chassis stacking technology
o Commercialization of voice-over-IP</p>
<p>For 3Com, innovation hasn’t been exclusive to technology. In the 1990s 3Com drove down the cost of networking by vertically integrating R&amp;D and manufacturing. In 2003, 3Com and Huawei established a China-based joint venture, of which 3Com now has 100 percent ownership, to develop a new generation core-to-edge enterprise networking portfolio that was fundamentally different from the proprietary and costly legacy products with which enterprises struggle. The resultant H3C product line went on to gain leading market share in China and is now powering enterprise networks around the world. Illustrating 3Com’s adaptability to changing market requirements and technology maturities, H3C now relies completely on merchant silicon, not ASICs, and focuses its innovation on network operating and management software to ensure the best performance and total cost of ownership (TCO).</p>
<p>In 2005, 3Com acquired TippingPoint, recognizing that network security would be a vital requirement for CIOs as networks continued to become more business-critical. Today TippingPoint is a preeminent player in the Intrusion Protection System (IPS) space and a leader in the Gartner Network IPS Appliances Magic Quadrant. The DVLabs security research team, complemented by the Zero Day Initiative, also has developed the industry’s first-of-its kind Digital Vaccine® security filter service, which protects customers’ networks, critical data and business productivity from vulnerabilities, threats and attacks.</p>
<p>“Today at 3Com we are more excited than ever about what we have to offer our customers and business partners,” said Bob Mao. “As we travel the world we hear customers talk more than ever before about value-for-money, the need for open standards and the need for a strong, focused end-end networking partner. We are here to fill that need.”</p>
<p>About 3Com Corporation
3Com Corporation is a $1.3 billion global enterprise networking solutions provider that sets a new price/performance standard for customers. 3Com has three global brands—H3C, 3Com, and TippingPoint—that offer high-performance networking and security solutions to enterprises large and small. The H3C enterprise networking portfolio—a market leader in China—includes products that span from the data center to the edge of the network, while TippingPoint network-based intrusion prevention systems and network access control solutions deliver in-depth, no-compromise application, infrastructure and performance protection.</p>
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