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  • 25 June, 2009 07:54

<p>A report published by Sanford Bernstein analyst Jeffrey Lindsey has concluded that e-commerce will continue to thrive despite the economic downturn. “..we continue to believe that the retail e-commerce sector has a very high degree of recession/downturn resistance,” Lindsay writes.</p>
<p>Leigh Roberts, Managing Director of a specialist e-commerce business agrees.</p>
<p>“People associate online sales with good value. As people start to tighten their financial belts, they're going to turn to the web to find the best deals they can,” Roberts explains.</p>
<p>Through his firm eMark Solutions, Leigh has been providing ecommerce solutions to Australian IT Resellers for 5 years and has seen first hand the benefits of e-commerce.</p>
<p>You have to remember that with e-commerce your options are endless says Leigh.
“The majority of solutions I provide to Resellers include a quoting tool, helpdesk, CRM module, procurement mechanism as well as an online store. These customers benefit from a new revenue stream and back end efficiency.”</p>
<p>Most experts agree that e-commerce is recession resistant and encourage organisations to continue to aggressively market their products and services.</p>
<p>“A webshop is such an important component in Resellers’ marketing mix,” Leigh explains. “Australians are the third biggest online shoppers in the world and business buyers are always looking for the most efficient, cheapest and fastest fulfilled serviced model.”</p>
<p>One of eMark’s latest customers BES IT Systems, sees the downturn as an opportunity, not a threat. “Since we adopted eMarks ecommerce product, it has become an important marketing tool and revenue stream for our firm,” Sales Manager Dylan Mapp said. “The quoting tool has reduced the time spent by our reps on non value added processes and the CRM tool is helping us reduce customer churn.”</p>
<p>eMark Solutions offer Resellers fully customisable, hosted ecommerce solutions. eMark charge no upfront development fees, only a monthly licensing fee. More information about eMark’s products and services can be found at</p>

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