Some of the worst posts on the Internet filter trial

Some of the worst posts on the Internet filter trial

The advent of the Federal Government's Internet filter trial has generated furore and provided online forums with an endless stream of comment. Everyone wants to put their two cents worth in. Some submit convincing arguments bolstered by factual references, while others have not been so considerate. (Check out the best posts here.)

From the inappropriate, the incoherent, to the downright irrelevant, ARN has compiled some of the worst comments made in regards to the content filter trial. It seems articulation is an art that many have yet to grasp - so here are a few examples:

"How else will teenagers learn to have sex or about sex in general? In high school all you learn about is "SEX IS BAD DON'T DO IT EVER" Parents are usually too busy trying to support you to actually talk to you or the otherway around except the child is not trying to support you but get away from you. Birthrate is falling I guess removing porn will help a lot. :S"

From Riore on Whirlpool

"this is rubbish at skool our det proxy internet thing is rubbish we cn berly ever gt any computing research don as some of the programs main pages are blocked as well as info on say things like hacking which we need for setin subjects and its worse cause the proxy also count 2words the teachers so they cnt even help tht much and the only way 2 be able 2 go on sum webpages is using the cache which only works 10% of the webpages wata waste of money the goernment should put it 2 better use such as fixing our net so we cn download more without paying ridiculus prices for rubbish download quotes" From sexy_shazam on Whirlpool

"I say yes to ISP filtering, we don't allow porn in other public places do we? Why should the internet be an exception." From an anonymous poster on – Internet content filter ISPs: Where are they now?

"This debate isn't about "the children". It's about power. All of the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) fundamentalists seem to want to impose their will on what everybody else can say and do. They are like the Taliban (VERY like the Taliban) - "you must accept our supreme power over you and our religious right to control every part of your life". In case anybody in the ACL is listening instead of shouting, here are a couple of points to ponder: 1) Despite Conroy's attempt to buy some votes by pretending the filter will stop all "inappropriate" material, it will only catch a small part, so well-meaning but technically ignorant parents will rely on it instead of watching their kids when they are online; 2) Pro-filter lobbyists use child porn as a stalking horse for their rhetoric about children. But low life who access child porn are too cunning to expose that filth to detection by a filter, so they will be further underground making them harder to catch. Child porn is illegal right now, and the filter will change nothing in this regard." From an anonymous poster on – Internet filter ISPs reveal clean-feed technology

"In response to: "Why would this filter need to be done at the ISP level, and not at the home PC level?" because this is the ONLY way that ALL kids can be protected from accidentally coming across x-rated porn, and worse. Will the filter help to catch criminals / pedophiles / terrorists?" its not meant to, its meant to do one thing only, protect kids from the worst content on the internet. The Federal Police has its own Cybercrime Division to deal with these other things. In response to: "In the close to 15 years that I have used the internet I have accidentally had porn appear on my screen a handful of times. I have never had child porn appear on my screen." You must be the luckiest man alive ..LOL.. 4 out of 5 of my kids have been accidentally exposed to X-Rated porn on the internet.Read this and you will notice that this risk is increasing steadily. Obviously something has to be done and I applaud this Government for doing something for kids and not just talking about it. #to those that say that there would be too many sites to filter without having any speed come OpenDNS can check a URL list of 464,543 sites ,just in the pornography category alone,with no noticeable speed degradation?" From an anonymous poster on – Internet filter ISPs reveal clean-feed technology

"I think we should go further and ban cars all together, after all they kill more people in Australia than Guns and we have just about banned them. Don't let anyone do anything and we will all be safe and free." From an anonymous poster on – Internet filter ISPs reveal clean-feed technology

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