Some of the best posts on the content filter trial

Some of the best posts on the content filter trial


Whatever your point of view on the Federal Government’s contentious Internet content filtering trial there is no denying it has ruffled feathers and roused opinions from far and wide.

Adorning almost every article on every site that publishes news on the topic are rambunctious debates and invective arguments. Some are rabble rousing and determined to hook other readers into a stoush while others are disastrously off topic.

But there are also a number of well-thought out views that are backed up with evidence which deserve attention. So, here are just a few of them:

“No matter whether the technology works or not, and I look forward to seeing some detailed figures on performance by those taking part - that is only a small part of the question. The real question is do we want a government controlled blacklist that we aren't allowed to know what is on? It has already been shown the list includes what could be construed as political material. And if we aren't allowed to know what is being blocked then it equals censorship. You may trust our current government. Do you trust every future government?” From an anonymous poster on –Internet content filter ISPs: Where are they now?

“The argument is, of course, that the people passing the laws may be ethical and upright and have the good of the country in mind and would never abuse the powers they are given, but it only takes one bad egg to misuse those powers to nefarious ends. Best not to grant those powers in the first place than risk it being the first small step that eventually leads to disaster.” From Steve on Whirlpool

“I suggest that if a blacklist of less than a thousand out of over a trillion pages is the total number of X-rated pages (which I do not believe for a moment) then the chances of accidental exposure to them is vanishingly small. If you believe otherwise, I suggest a course in elementary statistical theory might serve you well. So either the filter is unnecessary or it is ineffective.” From an anonymous poster on - Internet filter ISPs reveal clean-filter technologies.

”There has been calls from academics since 2003 to do something about filtering content from the internet that is harmful to children. Since then there has bee a steady inflow of statistics from overseas showing the dramatic Increase in Accidental Exposure of Children to pornography and graphic violence. Now that the technology has arrived to do the job of protecting them (getting back to the actual article) then lets just do it! We either care about our future generations or we don't. We either place their welfare above our own or we protect our own selfish interests. The choice is simple...” From an anonymous poster on - Internet filter ISPs reveal clean-filter technologies.

"In regards to this Filtering debate we want to see safeguards put in place by this Government to protect ALL children from accidental exposure to X-rated pornography (and graphic violence too by the way), regardless of their race,colour,religion,their parents finances or their parents computer technical ability.Obviously to achieve this for ALL children it HAS to be mandatory." From an anonymous poster on - Internet filter ISPs reveal clean-filter technologies.

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