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Master Brokers expands its business with cloud computing managed services from LC9

firstservis supports development of first locally-based services for utility computing
  • 16 June, 2009 09:28

<p>Merchandising broker, Master Brokers, is using LC9, the first locally available cloud computing service, to support the expansion of its business across Australia without having to implement new applications or infrastructure.</p>
<p>Master Brokers is using a cloud computing managed service provided by LC9, a division of Lucida Group. LC9’s services are based on 3Tera’s® AppLogic™ cloud computing platform. Local technology company firstservis is the sole distributor of 3Tera’s solutions in Australia and New Zealand and worked closely with LC9 in the development of its managed service.</p>
<p>Master Brokers is an Australian sales and merchandising broker in the grocery industry. It negotiates on behalf of smaller manufacturers that do not have the scale to justify their own sales team in order to get their products on to supermarket shelves.</p>
<p>Master Brokers had previously operated from a single office in Brisbane using a database application to produce reports and weekly worksheets for its sales representatives.</p>
<p>According to John Cutuli, director, Master Brokers, this had served the company well in a single site situation. However, Master Brokers expanded the business and now has six offices and 154 sales representatives across the country, with each state managing its own team. It wanted to share the same applications across all sites but not have different versions of data at each location, with associated security and backup issues.</p>
<p>“Previously when we had to compile a national report, Victoria, for example, had to produce its reports in Excel and email them up to me, and I then had to take that file and merge it with my Excel reports. It was cumbersome and very time consuming,” said Mr Cutuli.</p>
<p>“I did some shopping around and all the vendors I went to wanted to reinvent the wheel and proposed costly alternatives with long timeframes. Then LC9 came up with a proposal to run our existing application on a hosted Citrix service built on AppLogic, thereby negating the need to move to a new database and set up.</p>
<p>“LC9 ran a trial and I thought it was perfect. We just enter a username and password into a web page, and we’re up and running. Our one application is now shared across the six sites.”</p>
<p>According to Mr Cutuli, LC9’s offering was the only such service in Australia he could source.</p>
<p>“I rang a number of IT companies and did a lot of web browsing, and there was really nothing else out there that could take a product like our database application and make it user friendly across multiple sites. Now when we update information in our Brisbane office, it’s automatically updated across the whole country. There are no longer multiple versions, and reports even print out on our existing printers.”</p>
<p>Down the track Master Brokers is considering the additional services LC9 can provide on the AppLogic platform, such as running the company’s mail, collaboration and web services.</p>
<p>“LC9 has provided a good cost-effective solution for us and we’re really only in our infancy in terms of using AppLogic’s full potential,” Mr Cutuli said.</p>
<p>“Our cloud computing offerings to the market are based on services rather than on customers having to build and maintain applications themselves,” said Craig Taylor, managing director, Lucida Group. “We view cloud computing as an evolving concept and LC9 brings together software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) so that customers can focus on their core business activities. This is what IT has been waiting for.”</p>
<p>Cloud and utility computing provides access to remote resources and allows companies to pay only for the IT that they use. It also negates the cost of building and managing data centre infrastructure and IT staff. Cloud computing frees IT professionals to focus on building applications to house the functionality that their business actually needs, instead of configuring hardware, installing software, moving data or modifying code.</p>
<p>3Tera makes enterprise-grade cloud computing solutions available to customers of all sizes in external hosted clouds, or as a platform that can be deployed in corporate data centres, behind customer firewalls. AppLogic is the first commercially available cloud computing platform that completely removes the cost and complexity associated with infrastructure.</p>
<p>“Having these services based locally through firstservis and LC9 brings great value to the Australian marketplace,” said Derek Merdith, managing director, firstservis. “It improves performance of the cloud as there is no latency and businesses do not have to worry about time zones and response times when seeking support.”</p>
<p>About LC9
LC9, a division of Lucida Group, was launched specifically to provide cloud computing managed services. The first company in Australia to deliver managed cloud computing services, LC9 leverages 3Tera’s® award winning AppLogic™ cloud computing platform. LC9 can meet ongoing software and infrastructure needs, deliver applications, desktops, servers, data centres and storage solutions with flexibility, scalability and a speed not yet experienced. LC9 is focussed on delivering IT services on demand, with pay as you grow flexibility and enterprise class reliability, without the upfront capital expenditure. For more information visit</p>
<p>About firstservis Pty Ltd
Australian company, firstservis is a distributor of innovative technologies, supported by its expert services. The company focuses on the latest technologies such as cloud and grid computing, and SaaS, to help end users become more Agile, Lean and Green. firstservis supports and services the Australian and New Zealand markets. More information can be found at</p>
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