PC Briefs: Migration group, Banias, Sony

PC Briefs: Migration group, Banias, Sony

Migrant experience

The obstacles of moving data from an old PC to a new one are familiar frustrations. Now, several IT vendors, including IBM, Intel and Microsoft, have formed a new working group to study and promote methods of improving the PC data-migration experience. The group will initially focus on raising awareness of available migration products and creating guidelines for independent software vendors aimed at easing user migrations. Long-term goals include creating new tools and processes to shorten the migration timeframe and make migration "part of a new computer's out-of-the-box experience", the group said. The PC Migration Work Group plans to post its first white paper this month at

Banias chips in

In the first day of the Intel Developer Forum last week, Intel demonstrated its new Banias mobile processor, announced its desktop processors will soon feature hyper-threading technology, and showed examples of servers powered by Madison, an upcoming server chip. The company also announced a new security initiative called LaGrande, which aims to secure the physical data interconnects inside a PC using future generations of Intel chips. Intel wants to create processors that allow developers to write applications for Intel desktops and then port them to notebooks or PDAs without having to rewrite significant amounts of code, said Paul Otellini, Intel's president and chief operating officer.

Sony turns heads

Sony will this month release a head-mount display designed for its PlayStation 2 game console, which allows users to look around every direction of a game's images and feel as if they were in that virtual space. The PUD-J5A display carries two 0.44-inch 1.8 million-pixel LCDs attached to over-head type headphones. The device can track a user's head movements and display corresponding images when connected to PlayStation 2, Sony said.

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