Brennan IT partners with NetScreen

Brennan IT partners with NetScreen

Brennan IT has signed a strategic partnership agreement with NetScreen, becoming the primary consulting partner and only strategic partner for the vendor in Australia.

Brennan's expertise in NetScreen began when it chose the vendor to provide the firewall products for its secure Internet company, BeSecure. The deal means Brennan can purchase product directly from NetScreen and gives the company easy access to the US for technical support. NetScreen's Australian resources will point potential customers to Brennan IT. In return, Brennan will hold specific levels of demonstration product and maintain a number of certified engineers.

"We installed the first high-availability NetScreen cluster in the country," said Brennan IT managing director David Stevens. "All our security staff are certified and we use it throughout all our BeSecure POPs."

Security services are an area of increasing focus for Brennan IT. The company is also one of only two Check Point consulting partners in Australia and also holds certification for Cisco and RSA. It also recently signed a deal with traffic management software vendor Websense. It is a consulting partnership with a difference. Normally such relationship only extends from the partner to the vendor. However, Brennan will also refer sales through to other partners, so it can concentrate on services.

"A reseller with a one or two-person operation can now sell the products and refer our services to the client for installation," said Stevens. Brennan IT's secure ISP, BeSecure, will provide the showcase for content filtering. Because Brennan doesn't sell the hardware or software, resellers can be sure they will not lose clients to a competing business.

Security services have become increasingly important for companies at the enterprise end of the SME market. "Our whole security focus is becoming our major enterprise offering," said channels manager Hamish Patterson. "Around half of Brennan's business is fixing up failed security installations. Despite the large number of channel companies paying lip service to security, very few are actually properly certified."

According to Patterson, very few companies can do security properly in the enterprise market. "Once you've established a reputation, you are increasingly called upon to repair poor work or to come in and get it right the first time."

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