E3 Roundup: Nintendo

E3 Roundup: Nintendo

Nintendo wanted a good E3 to boost its reputation among gamers. Although Nintendo console sales have been right up, the vendor has also lost its reputation for making games that appeal to its core audience, focusing instead on a casual game playing crowd.

After E3, this seems set to change. In terms of games, the biggest announcement perhaps, was that there is to be a number of new Mario games on the Wii – a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, the 3D platformer that proved so popular earlier in the consoles' life, and a new 2D multiplayer Mario game; bringing the series back to its glory days while at the same time offering something new.

There will be more Wii Fit and Wii Sports games as well, to build on the runaway success of the originals, and Nintendo will also be releasing a vitality sensor to hook up to the console. A basic heartrate monitoring device, we're not sure what it will be used for yet, but Nintendo surely has something in mind.

On the Nintendo DS front, perhaps the most significant announcement was that the DSi will soon be able to load photos taken with either of its cameras to Facebook. Considering the sheer weight of mobile phone photos that find their way to Facebook, it's a neat idea to be have another way to update your photo scrapbook on the fly... provided you've got access to a Wifi hotspot – and capitalising on social networking is always a good idea. Now if Nintendo could release an application that would let us access<.> Facebook from the DSi, that would be even better. At the moment, the browser can't handle it.

(Incidently, ARN Mobile does load very nicely on the DS browser. Bookmark it to have access to ARN 24/7!)

Flip Note Studio, the English version of the Japanese animation application, Moving Memo, will get a much-anticipated local release. Very popular in Japan, this free downloadable application allows users to make a basic flip-book animation on their DSis, and then upload to the website, set up much like YouTube. Have a look – while Moving Memo is a basic animating tool, plenty of interesting things can be done with it.

Combined with some strong third party support from the likes of Ubisoft, Square Enix and Capcom, and Nintendo's E3 seemed to go very well indeed.

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