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WebSpy Appoints Kaon technologies as its sole New Zealand Distributor

  • 22 March, 2005 10:35

<p>AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 22 March 2005: Webspy Ltd, a Western Australian-based developer of Internet monitoring and management software has appointed Kaon Technologies Ltd as its sole New Zealand distributor.</p>
<p>Kaon Technologies, one of New Zealand’s pioneer specialists in the information security market, supplies products from leading manufacturers to create solutions for network infrastructure, security and management. The company also provides a range of consulting services including network design, technical security evaluations and remote management facilities.</p>
<p>“We’ve been unofficial partners with WebSpy in a reseller capacity for some time, and with the recent interest and increased revenue from Webspy’s product line, we both felt our appointment as sole distributor to be a natural progression in improving and developing our relationship,” said Tony Krzyzewski, Managing Director, Kaon Technologies.</p>
<p>“We are delighted to have come this far and look forward to working with the reseller channel in New Zealand to incorporate WebSpy’s excellent products with their own solutions.”</p>
<p>WebSpy’s tools include the popular Analyzer range, which allow companies to import log files that their Internet proxy, firewall, cache device or mail server generates, then analyse and drill down through that data to generate and export various levels of activity-based reports.</p>
<p>Other examples of WebSpy’s products include:</p>
<p>· WebSpy Live, which provides real-time instant alerts on most instances of Internet misuse in the workplace;
· WebSpy Sentinel, which captures network traffic as it occurs and exports it to Analyzer; and
· WebSpy FlowMonitor, which records Netflow information from supported routers to provide an exact log of an organisation’s Internet use for reconciling billing with the Internet Service Provider or to charge client sites for bandwidth usage.</p>
<p>“We are delighted to be working officially with Kaon Technologies and have every confidence that our excellent working relationship will go from strength to strength,” said Jack Andrys, CEO, WebSpy.</p>
<p>“WebSpy products are designed to help today’s enterprise manage how employees use the Internet through responsible, unobtrusive monitoring and reporting. It helps to combat the costs of lost productivity, legal liability, wasted communications expenditure and security vulnerabilities in a way that helps organisations maximise the benefits of the Internet for staff as a valuable business resource.”</p>
<p>About WebSpy Ltd
WebSpy Ltd (ASX:WSY) a Microsoft Certified Partner, is a Perth-based software developer and distributor of both Internet and email monitoring and management software, together with asset management products for the oil and gas industry. The company was started in 1994. It now boasts offices in Seattle and London, alongside its Perth Head office and is enjoying international sales success with its WebSpy® and Inspection Manager™ products.</p>
<p>WebSpy Products</p>
<p>These include:</p>
<p>* WebSpy Analyzer Standard: Internet reporting and analysis tool.
* WebSpy Analyzer Premium and Giga: Internet and email reporting and analysis tools, with Giga being suited to Enterprise organisations.
* WebSpy Live: Real-time Internet and email monitoring and management tool.
* WebSpy Sentinel Suite: Full content data-capture device.
* WebSpy Analyzer Standard Suite: Internet reporting and analysis tool, incorporating WebSpy Live real-time monitoring.
* WebSpy Analyzer Premium Suite: Internet and email reporting and analysis tool, incorporating WebSpy Live real-time monitoring.
* WebSpy ISA Server Suite: Incorporated WebSpy Internet monitoring and analysis tool and Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 (Microsoft ISA Server 2000).
* WebSpy FlowMonitor: The first Windows-based tool to monitor Cisco’s NetFlow output.</p>
<p>About Kaon Technologies Ltd
Kaon Technologies is an Auckland based company specialising in the representation of leading edge network and information security products for sale into the New Zealand and Pacific Islands markets. Formed in 1993, Kaon Technologies is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in both the networking and information security product areas.</p>
<p>Media contacts</p>
<p>Webspy Ltd
Jack Andrys (CEO)
Tel: (08) 9321 3322
<p>Kaon Technologies
Tony Krzyzewski (Managing Director)
Phone: +64 9 274 1590</p>
<p>Other product and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.</p>

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