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Axway extends MailGate with virtualised offering

  • 02 June, 2009 15:21

<p>SYDNEY, June 2, 2009 – Axway, leading global provider of multi-enterprise solutions and infrastructure, has launched a virtualised offering of its leading MailGate Email Security product, which decreases messaging security’s physical footprint and costs by reducing hardware and operational needs.</p>
<p>Continuing its investment in MailGate’s functionality, the new release also adds outbound IP virtualisation to preserve corporate email reputations, and Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) to ensure proper message delivery. Whether using the virtualised delivery model or Axway’s hardware appliances, MailGate (formerly Tumbleweed MailGate) offers industry-leading unified email security, standards based encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) features.</p>
<p>By requiring less hardware and lowering operational costs, virtualised MailGate ultimately improves the efficiency and availability of resources in an organization. It also boasts a 50 to 70 per cent savings on overall IT costs, and reduces energy consumption as well. Virtualisation also delivers rapid deployment, simplified policy management and easy back-up and recovery.</p>
<p>Also included in the new MailGate offering is an outbound IP virtualisation feature, designed to preserve the sender reputation of a company’s corporate email. Organisations that must send copious amounts of email through their email gateway, such as legitimate marketing purposes, run the risk of being seen as a bulk or spam sender. These activities can cause a company’s email gateway and IP address to be grey- or blacklisted, threatening the timely delivery of their corporate email. With MailGate’s new outbound IP virtualisation feature, companies can mask their primary IP addresses to maintain their reputations, by routing high volume email communications through secondary, virtual IP addresses.</p>
<p>“With nearly half of all large organisations noting plans to implement virtual security appliances, virtualisation will be one of the strongest growth platforms for messaging security in the coming years,” said Brian Burke, Program Director, Security Products at IDC. “With virtualised offerings such as Axway’s MailGate, companies can now better meet virtualisation strategies that generate hardware savings, consolidate disparate security appliances and address IT energy savings goals.”</p>
<p>With the newest MailGate, enterprises moving to a VMWare environment can apply anti-spam, anti-virus, policy-based DLP and encryption and reporting features in minutes. MailGate’s virtual offering can be flexibly deployed in hybrid configurations, with its “plug and play” administration easy for IT to deploy, administer and maintain.</p>
<p>“By making our award-winning MailGate a virtual offering, customers can reduce hardware and operating costs by 50 percent and lower energy costs by 80 per cent, while still leveraging Axway’s extensive, integrated product support,” said Stree Naidu, general manager of Pacific, Axway. “Just as importantly, we have taken advantage of virtualisation’s flexibility to extend the market-leading feature set of MailGate with additions like outbound IP virtualisation, so customers benefit from both lower total cost ownership and the technology advances that virtualisation enables.”</p>
<p>To bolster its DLP, email reputation and authentication offerings, MailGate’s features include:
• Built-in Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) to verify messages from acceptable domains
• Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV), which eliminates:
o Denial of service attacks resulting from forged email addresses in mass spam distributions, which increase the number of unwanted non-delivery messages
o Exploitation of non-delivery reports that conceal spam messages
• Outbound IP Virtualisation to segregate the reputations of corporate and bulk marketing email streams
• Enhanced export reporting data to create customized reports for analysis and systems management</p>
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