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Space-Time Research launches SuperSTAR on IBMZ10 mainframes -- Improved Government Business Intelligence

Space-Time Research – a leader in Self-Service Business Intelligence solutions for government – announced the immediate availability of its SuperSTAR suite of software on the IBM Z10 mainframe. SuperSTAR is used throughout the world by government statistics agencies for integration, tabulation, and dissemination of census data and as well as large or complex surveys.
  • 28 May, 2009 13:37

<p>Government statistics organisations face the challenges of accuracy, timely reporting, and interesting, informative visualisation of ever larger and more complex surveys. Census processes require near real-time quality analysis of the data collection and integration. Analysis and tabulation require high speed ad hoc processing including complex confidentiality and privacy protection algorithms. Formal report generation is required and online availability of information and interactive visualization expectations continue to grow. And these challenges of high performance, accuracy, and large data are coupled with growing budget and environmental concerns.</p>
<p>The recently announced IBM System Enterprise Class (z10™ EC) delivers an enterprise server that meets the requirements of government statistics organisations. John Ellenberger, Vice President of Statistical Solutions, said “The z10 EC™ provides levels of performance, capacity for growth, and the security to meet the challenges of government statistics organisations. It lowers the cost of ownership and expands the use of the mainframe for a broad set of applications. The z10 is a great platform for our SuperSTAR government business intelligence suite.”</p>
<p>The SuperSTAR platform provides an open architecture for support of privacy protection and confidentiality important in government applications. Extremely high speed tabulation for large databases, ad hoc analysis, web dissemination, and visualisation are provided by the SuperSTAR components.</p>
<p>"This is a rapidly evolving area and demonstrates how IBM and its Business Partners are collaborating to provide organisations and their customers with a range of services, hardware and software," said Michael Graf, ISV &amp; Developer Relations Executive, IBM A/NZ.</p>
<p>“Government organisations need to see the big picture — the relationships, connections, direction and details so people can make informed decisions and improve outcomes. In today's economic environment, governments will continue to be pressured to do more with smaller budgets and decisions about the ongoing support, development and funding of programs.” said Graf.</p>
<p>Qualification tests of the SuperSTAR integration on the Z10 platform were recently completed at the IBM facility in Böblingen, Germany. “We are pleased that IBM and Space-Time Research have collaborated to complete the availability and testing of SuperSTAR on the Z10 platform to support the growing demands for information within the government statistics community”, said Dieter Burget, head of the Statistics Austria IT division. “The combination helps us fulfil the role of Statistics Austria to provide reliably collected and expertly analysed political, social and economic information.”</p>
<p>SuperSTAR products are available immediately worldwide on the IBM z10™ EC platform.</p>
<p>Statistik Austria
Statistics Austria ( is an information centre serving citizens, companies, academia, policy-makers and administrators as well as international institutions, in particular the European Union. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive, objective picture of Austria’s economy and society.</p>
<p>Space-Time Research Pty Ltd
Space-Time Research provides analytics and visualization solutions for organizations that deliver data and data services. SuperSTAR empowers them with the highest levels of transparency, accountability, and security. Users and customer communities, from highly technical to casual, can easily access, analyze, visualize, and publish information and make effective, informed decisions.</p>
<p>The high speed, self-service, and confidentiality capabilities of Space-Time Research’s web-based applications support easy and secure access to extremely large amounts of valuable and confidential information. SuperSTAR addresses the demand for direct access to microdata and unit records with assured privacy protection and security.</p>
<p>Customers include the most advanced National Statistics Organizations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, US Bureau of Census, Swedish Census Bureau, Statistics Austria, and the South Africa Census Bureau. For more information on STR, please visit</p>
<p>For more information on IBM, please visit

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