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Acresso FLEXnet® Manager Suite Helps Australian Enterprises Avoid License Violations and Over-Spending

Procurement, Budget, and Compliance Teams Benefit from Accurate, Granular and Up-to-Date Insight into Actual Use of Oracle Database and E-Business Suite
  • 19 May, 2009 14:50

<p>Sydney, 19 May 2009 – Acresso Software, the makers of InstallShield and FLEXnet, today announced the addition of new License Optimisation Packs for Oracle® to its FLEXnet Manager Suite. The new Acresso offering enables IT departments to benefit from accurate budget planning while being able to redistribute licenses and institute chargebacks to ensure that Oracle budgets are allocated where they will deliver the most value to the business.</p>
<p>FLEXnet Manager Suite is a single enterprise license optimisation solution that can help companies manage their license compliance and spending by centrally monitoring the license usage of not just Oracle software but thousands of other high-value applications across key business segments, including SAP and most Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) applications.</p>
<p>Oracle deployments can sprawl far beyond their originally intended and entitled scope as Oracle does not automatically lock out unlicensed use of its products. Such over-use is particularly problematic if an audit occurs. Conversely, IT organisations often purchase a variety of Oracle licenses, including those for certain expensive options and components, that they don’t actually use.</p>
<p>Today, most IT organisations do not have an automated means of maintaining insight into how Oracle deployments are evolving. Typically, they only perform inventories when an event such as an audit or a contract renewal deadline looms. These manual inventories are slow, costly, inaccurate, and disruptive.</p>
<p>The new Acresso solution automatically inventories the actual deployment of Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite across the enterprise delivering accurate, up-to-date, and highly granular insight into the use of all instances, components, and options. In addition, it also provides the reporting necessary to compare any organisation’s actual Oracle deployment to its current licensing agreement.</p>
<p>By providing this automated inventory and granular reporting, Acresso enables IT managers to avoid violations of licensing terms, pinpoint over-spending on “shelfware” licenses, negotiate and procure in an informed manner, and better plan software budgets.</p>
<p>“IT organisations need to pro-actively monitor their use of Oracle Database and E-Business in order to prevent audit problems, avoid unnecessary spending, and closely align budgets with business needs,” said Brett Ison, General Manager Asia Pacific, Acresso.</p>
<p>“Our FLEXnet Manager Suite’s agentless technology automates that pro-active monitoring, providing IT decision-makers with the complete, accurate, and up-to-date insight they need to maintain license compliance and keep their software costs under control.”</p>
<p>Other key benefits include:</p>
<p>· Minimal disruption of day-to-day operations by the various events (audits, contract renewals, re-negotiations prompted by business growth or re-structuring, etc.) that inevitably occur over the course of Oracle ownership.</p>
<p>· Avoidance of license violations which results in IT paying more for its excess use than it would have paid if it procured those licenses through normal contract negotiations.</p>
<p>· Identification of shelfware which frees up budget dollars for other critical IT needs.</p>
<p>· More effective, “fact-based” contract negotiation that can deliver significant long-term cost savings, while also easing the negotiation process itself.</p>
<p>“With 20 years of experience, Acresso is uniquely capable of providing organisations with access to meaningful insight into high-value application usage. This expertise is now being extended to Oracle environments, further helping organisations to translate information into greater control and savings,” says Ison.</p>
<p>A full product data sheet and “Inevitable Event” whitepaper is available at</p>
<p>About Acresso Software</p>
<p>Acresso Software provides solutions that power the business of software for multiple customer segments, including hardware and software producers, engineers and developers, helping them uncover revenue opportunities, streamline their infrastructure and reduce costs. The company’s proven solutions, including the FLEXnet and InstallShield product lines, have been simplifying the business relationship between software and hardware producers and their enterprise and government customers for more than 20 years. Acresso maximises the value of the software the world develops and uses. For more information, please go to:;</p>

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