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Warner Bros. Television Group to Implement Advanced Suite of Social Networking Services Across Digital Destinations
  • 08 May, 2009 14:43

<p>AOL has announced that Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) will launch Socialthing™, a new online platform for socialising websites across WBTVG’s digital destination businesses, such as,,,, and</p>
<p>Socialthing leverages the power of AIM’s social graph coupled with advanced community tools to enable social networking publishers to attract new users and keep them engaged on their site. The announcement was made by Joanna Shields, President of AOL People Networks, and Craig Hunegs, Executive Vice President, Business Management, Warner Bros. Television Group.</p>
<p>“AOL is enabling leading media brands such as Warner Bros. Television Group to tap into the power of the social graph by combining the strength and global reach of our messaging networks with our powerful social networking tools,” said Shields. “With Socialthing, fans can converse and connect around hit TV shows such as ‘Gossip Girl’ and broadcast their passion and opinions to anyone across the Internet.”</p>
<p>“Warner Bros. is excited to be working with Joanna and her team,” added Hunegs. “Socialthing, combined with the stories and programs on our sites, will create a powerful and engaging combination of content, community and conversation for our users.”</p>
<p>The Socialthing pact will offer WBTVG and its digital entertainment destinations immediate access to AOL’s global messaging network of 57 million* monthly AIM and
ICQ users. WBTVG will embed the Socialthing platform – free to users and requiring no installation or download – on its family of sites, creating a social experience that makes it easy for users to share content, connect with one another, and explore common passions in a number of ways:</p>
<p>• Socialthing will make it easy to sign-on, allowing users to login to sites using their AOL or AIM credentials, without having to create a new account. In the future, users will also be able to log into Socialthing using their Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! or OpenID credentials.</p>
<p>• Users can publish their online activities in a real-time feed that is distributed to their friends for the immediate sharing of experiences. WBTVG will use this feed to create online identities for characters from its popular TV shows, such as Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl,” enabling fans to follow not only their friends’ lives, but also their favorite characters’ lives online. WBTVG will also post breaking news into the feed, delivering the latest information instantly to fans and spurring further discussion.</p>
<p>• Built-in communications tools will enable users to connect with buddies and other fans through AIM within the environment of the WBTVG site they have come to visit, allowing them to remain at their target destination without having to leave the site experience for another domain. Socialthing users can meet up with fans in chatrooms using the embedded AIM chat client, or speak directly to buddies via the built-in Instant Messenger. Users can connect and converse with all of their friends and other fans, and broadcast these activities to anyone on the web, if they choose, via the real-time feed.</p>
<p>• Socialthing also makes it easy for users to share video, photos, articles and comments with their friend networks, starting with the AIM network and in the future adding other top networks including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Whether it’s a hot new shot from “Gossip Girl” at, a new episode of “Rockville CA” at, fashion and beauty advice from, the “Conception Diaries” video series at, or a new superhero game from or, Socialthing easily turns content into conversation and will allow users to deliver video and images to friends.</p>
<p>AOL and WBTVG will support the Socialthing launch with cross-promotion and anticipate launching the application on, on WBTVG’s digital entertainment destinations, and on AOL properties. The campaign will raise consumer visibility for the application and drive fans to the destinations for exclusive opportunities they can’t find anywhere else. More details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.</p>
<p>While Socialthing delivers users a high degree of interactivity and visibility, users remain in full control of their publishing activity. They may choose to “always share activity,” “never share it” or “always be asked before sharing,” and can select which privacy option best suits their individual needs.</p>
<p>A site has been created at allowing publishers, interested in enabling Socialthing on their sites, to gain further information and insight into the platform.</p>
<p>More information on how publishers can increase revenues, reach and engagement by letting their users connect with and converse about the content they care about is available at</p>
<p>About AOL People Networks</p>
<p>AOL People Networks is a collection of community platforms that help improve people’s lives by connecting them with everyone and everything they care about. People Networks does this through a Web-based experience on, through desktop clients and mobile devices.</p>
<p>People Networks combines the AIM and ICQ personal communications networks, social media network Bebo and social search and answer service Yedda. People Networks' collection of community platforms reaches 88 million** unduplicated users worldwide. People Networks is a business unit of AOL LLC, a majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.</p>
<p>Source for metrics data in this release:
* Custom AOL-defined MediaGlow report, based on comScore Media Metrix Audience Duplication report (March 2009)
** Custom AOL-defined People Networks report, based on comScore Media Metrix Audience Duplication report (March 2009)</p>
<p>About Warner Bros. Television Group</p>
<p>The Warner Bros. Television Group oversees the entire portfolio of Warner Bros. television businesses, including worldwide production, traditional and digital distribution and broadcasting. WBTVG is committed to creating, producing and distributing content across all traditional, emerging digital and future platforms in the evolving entertainment and media landscape. In the traditional television arena, WBTVG produces primetime, first-run, cable and animation series which are distributed worldwide. WBTVG is also an innovative leader in developing new business models for the evolving digital television marketplace, including ad-supported video-on-demand as well as broadband and wireless destinations featuring original content produced by WBTVG. The Group provides unmatched digital media sales opportunities tailored to clients seeking multiplatform campaigns across broadcast, cable, broadband and wireless outlets. Warner Bros. Entertainment is also a partner with CBS in The CW Television Network.</p>

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