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LANSA Expands Modernisation Portfolio with Acquisition of aXes

LANSA, a leading global provider of cross platform application development, modernisation and integration software announces that it has acquired the aXes product suite, a set of native IBM i software solutions that allow 5250 business applications to run over the Web without changes or disruption to the host system.
  • 05 May, 2009 13:57

<p>LANSA's sweet spot is the IBM i platform and the addition of aXes means it can now address the entire IBM i application modernisation process from initial refacing through to redevelopment.</p>
<p>aXes, formerly owned by Arterial Software from Melbourne, Australia, is already used by hundreds of organizations globally to provide browser-based access to 5250 applications on-the-fly. Since its first release in 2003, aXes has saved companies thousands of dollars in terminal emulation costs and is proven to scale from 5 to 10,000 concurrent users. LANSA will apply its global reach to grow the size of the aXes user community and has committed to a significant R&amp;D effort that includes a major new release by mid-2009.</p>
<p>The aXes eBusiness suite consists of three software modules:</p>
<p>* aXes Terminal Server provides Web enablement of 5250 applications with the automatic generation of a highly customizable graphical user interface (GUI).
* aXes Data Explorer Server provides an easy way to extract and then publish live DB2/400 data in a browser or to send query output to desktop applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.
* aXes Spool File Server provides point-and-click access to output queues and spool files, with print-ready documents available in PDF, XML, HTML, or text formats.</p>
<p>All modules run on an IBM server (System i, iSeries, AS/400) and, in true thin client style, no additional software is required on the desktop or mobile device – just a Web browser. The aXes Application Server has a lightweight footprint to avoid expensive hardware or operating system upgrades, and will use either batch or interactive CPW. A live demo and free evaluation version can be found at</p>
<p>The aXes Terminal Server is the flagship of the fleet and has enjoyed rapid market adoption because it:
* provides a powerful host-access solution that offers the advanced features found in desktop terminal emulators but with the convenience of a browser-based approach.
* lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of host access by exploiting the infrastructure of the Web and Internet-based protocols.
* provides total control over host connectivity combined with centralized configuration, license management and high levels of security (SSL and OS/400 security level 50 are supported).
* uses W3C open standards to ensure host access is efficiently managed between browser-based clients and host applications, resulting in less network traffic than native terminal protocols.
* supports advanced 5250 display features, extended attributes, UIM help text, IBM panels and has visual style sheets that can be customized to create your own graphical look and feel.
* requires no changes to source code, since there is no conversion of programs or display files.</p>
<p>The aXes eBusiness suite is available to purchase from a worldwide network of Reseller Partners or directly from your local LANSA office. See or for details. Pricing is available on request and the software is licensed by processor per tier or by the total number of concurrent sessions.</p>
<p>About LANSA
LANSA is a leading global provider of application development, modernisation and integration software. LANSA's powerful suite of cross-platform development tools lets organizations overcome the complexity inherent in creating and maintaining business applications. LANSA’s integrated tool set is also the technology foundation for a wide range of business solutions from LANSA and over 300 Business Partners. Established in 1987, LANSA supports thousands of companies around the world with its products and services. The LANSA research and development center is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit:</p>
<p>Editors Contact:
Asia Pacific: Marjanna Frank
+61 (02) 8907-0249
Americas: Liz Dunham
+1 630 874 7050
EMEA: Ian Piddock
+44 1727 790386</p>

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