Software Briefs: Powerlan, Infosys, IBM

Software Briefs: Powerlan, Infosys, IBM

Powerlan business sold

The Powerlan divisions just keep on falling. Finite Recruitment has purchased Powerlan's employment business, IT&T Careers, for $2.5 million. The acquisition takes in Powerlan's contractor base, offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne as well as the transferral of all sales and support staff. Finite Recruitment will also take over Powerlan's preferred supplier agreements. According to Finite Recruitment, the merging of the two companies will produce a combined turnover of more than $40 million a year, making the entity one of the largest IT employment organisations in Sydney.

Infosys hits Melbourne

One of India's largest software developers, Infosys Technologies, has set up a development centre in Melbourne. The Bangalore-based global firm opened the $1 million software development laboratory last week, marking its first R&D investment in the Asia-Pacific. The Infosys Development Centre will focus on business transformation solutions and services, targeting local growth industries for business process management such as telecommunications, financial services and utilities, said Infosys chairman Narayana Murthy. The lab will develop those solutions using Java-based, Internet, wireless, broadband switching, mainframe, Unix and NT technology.

IBM to stop OS/390 sales

Mainframe users still stuck on IBM's previous-generation OS/390 operating system now have a compelling reason to switch to the current z/OS: IBM will stop new sales of the OS/390 on December 17. After that date, customers will no longer be able to order the OS/390, said Pete McCaffrey, an IBM director. The company will continue to support the 31-bit operating system at least until September 2004, he added. IBM's announcement comes roughly 18 months after it started shipping the 64-bit z/OS in March 2001.

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