PC Briefs: JVC, Intel, Via

PC Briefs: JVC, Intel, Via

JVC develops CD copy control

A new encryption-based CD-ROM copy protection technology is being developed by Japanese companies Hudson Soft and Victor of Japan (better known as JVC). Dubbed "Root", the system relies on a software key built into CD-ROMs as they are pressed. Illegally copied discs will lack the key, preventing them from being used, according to the companies. Earlier encryption technologies have often proved easily crackable, but JVC and Hudson Soft said Root's difference is that its encryption key remains hidden and inaccessible during normal playback.

Intel cooks up chip fest

Intel will reveal details of its forthcoming mobile Banias and 3.0GHz Pentium 4 processors at its semi-annual Developer Forum conference this week. "Banias is the first time we've developed an architecture from the ground up," said Frank Spindler, vice president of the Intel corporate technology group. The convergence of communications and computing will be the focus of Wednesday's events, while the last day of the show will discuss the future of Moore's Law, the law developed by Intel's co-founder Gordon Moore that states the number of transistors on a chip will double every couple of years, and Intel's 90-nanometre process technology.

Via powers sub-$200 PCs

Just when you thought profits from PC sales couldn't get any lower, Microtel Computer Systems has begun selling a PC in the US for less than $US200. The SYSMAR 710 is equipped with a C3 processor from Via Technologies and the LindowsOS operating system from and is available exclusively at The machine is the first PC sold by a major US retailer to contain the C3 processor from Via. The SYSMAR comes with an 800MHz C3 processor, 128MB of SDRAM, a 10GB hard drive and a CD-ROM drive, and it has a list price of $199.86. It does not include a monitor, modem or floppy disk drive.

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