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CA Enables Lean IT to Help Maximise Value and Minimise Cost

New and Enhanced Solutions Help CIOs Deliver Optimal Customer Experience, Drive Revenue and Increase IT Efficiency
  • 28 April, 2009 15:14

<p>Sydney, 28 April 2009 – CA, Inc. (NASDAQ:CA), the world’s leading independent IT management software company, today announced 13 new and enhanced Enterprise IT Management (EITM) products. The additions will help CIOs achieve ‘Lean IT’ by reducing waste, increasing productivity and improving the customer experience.</p>
<p>Lean IT allows CIOs to focus on what’s most important—delivering value to their internal and external customers—while lowering costs.</p>
<p>“In this challenging environment, organisations need IT to deliver maximum value and minimal cost,” said Brenton Smith, Managing Director and Area Manager, ANZ, CA, Inc. “With these new EITM releases, CA is dramatically strengthening its IT management portfolio and fulfilling the promise of Lean IT. Our capabilities are delivered as integrated solutions that surpass other vendors’ cumbersome point-to-point integration, and without their hardware and services agendas that limit choice and force expensive and prolonged deployments. Customers tell us this pragmatic and flexible EITM approach allows them to think strategically and execute tactically, which is precisely what is needed now.”</p>
<p>CA offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive IT management portfolios spanning all environments: mainframe to distributed, virtual to physical, cloud and on-premises. The new and enhanced CA EITM solutions for Lean IT are supported by services that help provide rapid and effective implementation and include:</p>
<p>Application Performance Management – End-to-End Transaction Visibility</p>
<p>Enhancements to CA Wily Application Performance Management (APM) designed to maximise IT value by improving the customer experience and minimise costs by reducing the downtime of mission-critical applications.</p>
<p>Service Management – Delivery and Support Orchestration</p>
<p>New capabilities in CA Service Catalog are designed to maximise IT value through better quality service and lower risk of business disruption, and minimise costs through automation.</p>
<p>Planned enhancements to CA Service Desk are designed to help maximise IT value through better quality service and lower risk of business disruption, and minimise costs through integration and automation.</p>
<p>Planned capabilities in CA IT Client Manager are designed to help maximise IT value through integration and optimised use of assets, and minimise costs through automation. The new version will include expanded asset inventory capabilities and the previously announced Federal Desktop Core Configuration Scanner.</p>
<p>Project and Portfolio Management – Business Alignment and Optimisation</p>
<p>Enhancements to CA Clarity™ PPM On Demand are designed to maximise IT value through easy-to-implement PPM functionality and minimise costs through rapid deployment.</p>
<p>Infrastructure Management – Business-Driven Assurance and Automation</p>
<p>· Enhancements to CA Workload Automation (formerly CA dSeries Workload Automation) help to maximise IT value through improved service quality and minimise costs of service delivery. Through centralised cross-platform management of enterprise workloads across all applications, organisations can better support real-time, dynamic business events.</p>
<p>· Planned Enhancements to CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager and CA eHealth® Performance Manager will help maximise IT value through better quality service and lowered risk of business disruption, and minimise costs through the reduction of tools required to manage end-to-end infrastructure.</p>
<p>Recovery Management – Effective and Affordable Recovery via the Channel</p>
<p>Enhanced versions of CA ARCserve® Backup and CA XOsoft™ available through channel partners are designed to maximise IT value through improved protection of data in virtual and physical environments, and minimise costs through built-in automation.</p>
<p>Security Management – Continuous Protection</p>
<p>On April 20, 2009, at the RSA Conference, CA announced three products that advance its Security Management capabilities, including:</p>
<p>New CA Enterprise Log Manager is designed to maximise IT value through comprehensive log data management for improved security and compliance across systems, and minimise costs through automation and increased performance.</p>
<p>CA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) builds on CA’s January 2009 Orchestria acquisition to help maximise IT value through improved protection of data, and minimise costs by leveraging existing IAM, encryption and log management systems for improving efficiency.</p>
<p>Planned enhancements to CA Role &amp; Compliance Manager build on CA’s November 2008 Eurekify acquisition and are designed to help maximise IT value through improved identity lifecycle management, and minimise costs through automation.</p>
<p>“Everything we do at CA is focused on helping IT run efficiently and deliver optimal value," continued Brenton Smith. “On average a staggering 70% of an IT budget is consumed on day-to-day operations, giving IT little room to flex its true capabilities. CA’s Lean IT solutions reduce costs through resource optimisation and process automation, allowing IT to invest in higher value deliverables. And every incremental improvement can mean a dramatic difference in IT's value proposition to the business. Because management software isn’t just a sideline or means to an end for CA, we are well qualified to help our customers become Lean. Our solutions work, they work well together and are easy to deploy, upgrade and maintain. This is Lean in every sense of the word.”</p>
<p>Visit CA to learn more about CA’s EITM products and how they help enable Lean IT.</p>
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