Healthpoint uncovers greener UK pastures

Healthpoint uncovers greener UK pastures

Healthcare software and hardware developer, Healthpoint Technologies has struck greener pastures in the UK after securing a $17.5 million contract with Vega Nutritionals.

The Australian-born Healthpoint will market and distribute kiosk-based health counselling systems to 200 independent pharmacies and health food stores every year for five years under the contract.

In return, Vega retains the exclusive right to co-market the product to independent pharmacies and health food stores in the UK, and promote its vitamin, herbs and mineral supplements on the counselling system.

The deal also gives Healthpoint access to a potential market of 13,000 retail pharmacies in the UK, including mammoth pharmacy chains like Lloyds Pharmacy.

Based on the sheer number of potential clients, Healthpoint CEO George Savvides predicts UK sales volumes to overtake current Australian sales in the 2002 financial year.

"Our aim is to have an installed base of 3000 pharmacies in the UK within four years. By comparison, the Australian installed base of 1000 units was built over 10 years," he says.

"There are over 13,000 retail pharmacies in the UK, with half of these being independent pharmacies. This agreement with Vega enables Healthpoint to sell our counselling product to these independent pharmacies, many of which are already existing clients of Vega, without the need of deploying an on-ground field force," he adds.

Meanwhile, John White has been appointed general manager of Healthpoint in the UK.

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