AMD touts memory packs

AMD touts memory packs

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has launched a family of multi-chip package (MCP) flash memory and SRAM (static random access memory) packages aimed at mobile phone manufacturers, the company announced last week.

The new products allow companies to select any combination of 16, 32 or 64MB of flash with 2, 4 or 8MB of SRAM in a single footprint.

In a mobile phone the flash memory acts like a hard drive, so elements like the operating system are on flash, said Kevin Plouse, vice president of technical marketing and business development for AMD's Memory Group. But one thing flash doesn't do is write fast, he said.

For example, to store a phone number in a phone, the number would be written into SRAM as the user entered it on the keypad, he said. Then as the user saved the number, it would be written slowly into flash.

Flash storage also plays a part in games, WAP (wireless application protocol) browsers and anything else on the phone, he said.

"Flash enables the mobile phone to evolve from a simple communications device to a mobile information terminal," Plouse said.

All of AMD's MCP products incorporate SRAM and flash in one package, saving board space and increasing performance, so portable device makers can create smaller, faster products, AMD said. Since all products offer the same footprint, customers can design a single board, and still offer multiple versions of their products, the company said in a statement.

The Am41DL16304 with 16MB of Flash and 4MB of SRAM is available now and is priced at $US9. The Am41DL32304 with 32MB of Flash and 4MB of SRAM is available now and is priced at $12. The Am41DL32308 with 32MB of flash and 8MB of SRAM is available now and is priced at $14.50.

All prices are in 10,000-piece quantities, which is a standard measurement for chip sales.

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