Chachka giveaway

Chachka giveaway

It's high time Tabloid gave away something of little to no value. But like the tight-orifices we are, we don't give away something for nothing. So we're throwing down the challenge. We want to hear of the most extravagant, pointless, useless, most valuable or down right bizarre chachka you've ever been given. What's chachka, I hear you ask? It's a "cheap, showy trinket" to use a dictionary definition, but for our purposes any corporate freebee will suffice.

Bombard us with your witty stories via e-mail at The winner will walk away with possibly the tackiest corporate gift that's arrived at Tabloid offices for some time. Now, before any PR people start sweating about the latest POC (piece of chachka) they've sent in the last few weeks, don't worry - we're only going to admit it's a tie. A tie so hideous that even Bob Hawke sent it back when we recommended it for his foundation museum.

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