Products News: ARN reviews the latest disaster recovery products from EMC, Symantec, Acronis, Promise, Hitachi and Ingres

Products News: ARN reviews the latest disaster recovery products from EMC, Symantec, Acronis, Promise, Hitachi and Ingres

ARN reviews products

EMC Avamar 4.1

This hardware and software solution has a multi-node configurations based on a redundant array of independent node (RAIN) architecture. It comes with backup and recovery software that features source-based data de-duplication, which the vendor claims, can reduce storage and bandwidth demands. De-duplication starts with the client to be backed up. If the software detects that a fi le has been backed up previously, it will not do so again. The software enables secure backup for VMware environments, remote offices and datacentre LANs. In the process, it reduces backup time, growth of secondary storage, and network utilisation, EMC claims. Avamar also provides daily full backups that can be recovered in one step, as well as the ability to verify the recoverability of all backup data daily. For security, EMC uses 256-bit AES encryption while transitioning data across the network. Avamar also includes power-loss management and server auto-restart functions to ensure continued operation of the backup process, and has centralised management features. Distributed by Ingram Micro and Westcon Group. RRP On application

Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0

This email and content archiving software suite allows users to store, manage and find unstructured information across the organisation. Enterprise Vault 8.0 features optimised single instance storage that keeps a single copy of individual emails or files, regardless of how many times it occurs or from what content source it originates. PST/NSF migration archives unmanaged personal email messages and attachments so the administrator can eradicate the use of personal store files and regain control of information within those files. Through roles-based access, searches can be conducted and results reviewed based on clustering of data retained within the archive. Open storage layer virtualises the underlying storage for transparent data migration between storage systems and allows the archive to consume new storage and storage systems over time. Vault 8.0 can also facilitate quicker restores in an event of a disaster as the storage savings can typically be applied to restore times. The use of Granular Legal Hold automatically suspends the deletion of archived data in response to internal investigation or regulatory requests. Distributed by Ingram Micro and Express Data. RRP $66.97 per user for a month licence

Acronis Recovery

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange is especially designed to protect Microsoft Exchange servers in SMBs and enterprise environments. Using the software’s interface, administrators can backup the mail database at a database level, and choose where archives are automatically copied including on a local hard drive, FTP server or other external devices. Granular recovery from a database level allows organisations to retrieve specifi c emails, shared folders, or entire mailboxes for specifi c users. During the restoration process, all systems will remain active to prevent signifi cant impact on user productivity, the vendor claims. In the event of a hardware failure, Acronis Recovery can be used with Acronis True Image Echo backup software with Universal Restore to do a bare-metal restore to different pieces of hardware and have the Exchange Server back in service quickly. Other features include a wizard-driven GUI, guided disaster recovery to automatically create a step-by-step recovery plan, password protected archives, resource management tools, and dial-tone recovery. Distributed by Datastor, Manaccom and SAN Systems. RRP $1799 for full version; $699 for MS Small Business Server edition

Promise VessRAID 1740s

VessRAID1740s is a SAS/SATA 3GB storage system for the SMB market from Promise Technology. Powered by an enterprise-grade RAID engine, the unit features 16 hot-swappable SAS-to-SAS/ SATA drive bays in a 3U form factor. It can function as direct attached storage (DAS) or in a storage area network (SAN) environment. To conserve power, VessRAID allows users to power down the entire system when the disc drives have not been accessed, or are not scheduled to be accessed for some time. The system also periodically performs a disc-to-disc backup or restore operation on a user-scheduled basis. The Wake-on-LAN feature enables authorised hosts to access the VessRAID over a network or the Internet, while its USB port lets users collect system historic status log information via a memory stick. The VessRAID automatically records a full report of system status, fi rmware version and other essential information. The VessRAID 1740s system can directly attached using the FastTrak TX8668 adapter as host channel.

Distributed by Digicor and Westan. RRP $3390

Hitachi Data Protection Suite

The Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS), powered by CommVault, is a unifi ed solution for data protection, according to the vendor. The suite comprises solutions for data backup and recovery, migration, archiving and replication, such as Hitachi Data Archiver software and Protection Monitor tools. HDPS allows users to mix old and new data, including information from different versions, without affecting recently updated data. The included Hitachi Backup and Recovery software allows administrators to make copies of disc-based backups, providing a disc-to-disc-to-tape capability. The vendor claims Quick Recovery functionality can recover applications completely and in minutes, by leveraging snapshot technology to create point-in-time recovery volumes on magnetic discs. The suite uses a policy-based data manager for Microsoft Exchange email or Sun Solaris fi le system data migration, to reduce production data storage size. The data manager also moves older information to less expensive storage media according to predetermined data-retention policies. The HDPS is optimised for the Windows platform and SAN environments. Distributed by Express Data and Lynx Technologies. RRP From $7500

Ingres Database 9.2

Featuring built-in disaster recovery, Ingres’ Database 9.2 is an open source database administration tool. The software is designed for enterprise development and Ingres CAFÉ version 0.5 helps software architects build and deploy Java and C+ solutions simply and easily on Ingres Database 9.2. Ingres also manages relational ISM, HAS, Heap and Heapsort tables to provide optimum storage, claims the vendor. Unicode support enables a single software application or website to be targeted across multiple platforms, languages and countries without re-engineering. It also allows data to be transported through a series of systems without corruption. The vendor boasts the Database 9.2 has improved levels of response required to meet user expectations under heavy user load or with complex online analytical processing queries. Execution plans generated from Dynamic structured query language can automatically be cached to boost optimisation time. Ingres Database server can also be expanded without rewrites or modification on a single processor desktop system or multiprocessor enterprise servers.

Distributed by Ingres. RRP $10,527 per year per product server

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