Product News: The latest biometric security products from Hitachi, NEC HP, Lenovo, MediSlate and Acer

Product News: The latest biometric security products from Hitachi, NEC HP, Lenovo, MediSlate and Acer

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Hitachi PCT-KC8203 Finger Vein Authentication Unit

The PCT-KC8203 is a finger vein reader. Rather than scanning the patterns on the skin, the unit uses vascular pattern recognition (VPR) to read the unique patterns of veins in a finger. Using a near-infrared light from a bank of LEDs projected through an individual’s skin, the image of vein pattern is captured by a CCD camera. The pattern is then compressed and digitalised to be registered as a template for biometric security and that template can then be used to compare finger scans. To combat incorrect readings due to variations in environmental temperature or blood pressure, the PCT-KC8203 pinpoints the position of the centre of each blood vessel so vein fl uctuations do not affect the matching procedure. According to the vendor, the fi nger vein reader can support a template of about 500 bytes, small enough to accommodate rapid processing and large enough to support both 1:1 and 1:n matching.

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The NeoFace SDK is a 2D face recognition engine that can detect face algorithms, modes and search depths. It can read the eye, face and head position details and has a configurable detection area. NeoFace SDK is suitable for law enforcement applications enabling mugshot browsing, searching, uploading and matching via web-based front-ends. Matching can be performed quickly by uploading local files or via remote devices such as mobile phones or wireless video servers. According to the vendor, the engine can perform recognition regardless of vantage point and facial changes such as variant expressions. The engine can also support individual region matching that can compare a single feature on a face. The vendor also claims the matching speed is up to one million faces per second and has a can support 1:1 and 1:n matching. NeoFace SDK can be integrated into many types of video monitoring systems and can also be paired with NEC’s automatic fingerprint recognition system.

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