Product News: AVG Identity Protection

Product News: AVG Identity Protection

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AVG Identity Protection

AVG Identity Protection aims to give users an additional layer of protection on top of existing security software. IDP is focused on preventing thieves from using carefully-targeted attacks to steal passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers and other digital valuables. It aims to prevent identity-related attacks by analysing the behaviour and characteristics of malicious programs and using knowledge gained to create protection that doesn’t require “signature updates” to stay current. If it spots something suspicious that could indicate an attempted ID theft attack, it shuts that activity down, preventing any possible theft from happening. The software can also quarantine dubious programs. AVG Identity Protection is based around the technology AVG acquired through Sana Security. The software is continuously learning and improving its protection, based on information drawn from real threats encountered by real users, ensuring that users are always protected against new and unknown threats. The security software runs on Windows XP or Vista and comes with free support and 24/7 service.

Distributed by AVG.

RRP $34 per year per user


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