e-marketing to create an economic upturn

e-marketing to create an economic upturn

Local insight by RAW Consulting managing director

It seems that for far too long now, we have been talking the global economic crisis into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2009 is not the time to hide under a shell and hope for the best. Marketing your business is still crucial in order to obtain sales leads. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the current economic climate and turn the marketplace around to suit your own business objectives.

This means making opportunities through clever marketing practices, to attract those potential clients and consumers who have not yet, and possibly may never be affected by the hype of the looming ‘recession’.

There is no doubt that in the coming months we will see a tightening on marketing belts across all areas of the IT industry. However, having reduced funds does not mean the focus on marketing should change – it just means marketing activities need to be focused and more direct than ever before. Aiming for return on investment (ROI) focused marketing activities that create highly qualifi ed sales leads is the key to maximising your marketing dollar.

A successful way to communicate with current and potential clients is via e-marketing. A recent study released by em+c showed e-marketing campaigns to the IT industry have the highest open rate at 62 per cent. Cutting through the clutter of email is a challenging task, and one that can only be achieved by sending high quality, relevant and valuable emails to your distribution list. A successful email campaign can be achieved using a few important strategies. Here are fi ve tips for creating an effective e-marketing campaign:

    Make it stand out: The design of your email template has an important impact on the way in which your campaign is perceived, and the rate at which your audience will click through to your website. It is vital to ensure your brand is consistent and the style is relevant to your target market.

    Make it easy to read: While there is a higher than average readership of emails in the IT industry, there are a lot of unclear messages and messy information contained within them. Make yours simple, clear and concise. Remember the rule – less is more!

    Make it relevant: The most important part of getting email marketing is to get the right information to the right people. Ask yourself this question each time you plan a new campaign: “Would I be happy to receive this email?” and “Would this email interest me?”. If the answer is potentially “no”, then you have more work to do to match the commodity with the target market.

    Make sure it reaches the right person (and that they want it!): The database you send it to should be qualified and responsive. The best results of e-campaigns are achieved when the recipients have provided verbal consent to receive them. Contacting both current and potential customers by phone and giving them the choice to receive the campaign is not only respectful but also means you have only those on your list who are interested in what you can offer. Having 1000 consenting recipients is infinitely better than 10,000 random ones.

    Follow through: Whatever you send through, make sure it is not a standalone. For an e-marketing campaign to be successful, it is important to ensure that it is part of an overall strategy to obtain new business and increase brand exposure within your target markets . Motivate your potential customers while the opportunity exists, and remember to do your research.

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