Product News: Silicon Dust HDHomeRun

Product News: Silicon Dust HDHomeRun

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This network digital TV tuner box receives free-to-air digital TV and streams it to desktop and laptop PCs via a local network for viewing and recording. To watch or record digital TV on a computer remotely, a user simply tunes into the HDHomeRun device through their Media Centre software. It is compatible with Mac or Windows PCs and streams full broadcast high-defi nition resolution. With a footprint size slightly bigger than a DVD case, the HDHomeRun hides among other set-top devices and features two HD digital TV tuners and an Ethernet port for connecting it to a home network. The twin HD tuners allow two computers on the network to connect to the device and watch or record TV. The receiving and decoding of the TV signal is all processed by HDHomeRun. The box streams the TV signal via an Ethernet or wireless network to any computer. This allows the viewer to use a computer as a TV anywhere within a home network without being tethered by an antenna cable.

Distributed by Lako Pacifi c.



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