ARN Quiz - Congratulations to Oakton's Tamzyn Bielecka

ARN Quiz - Congratulations to Oakton's Tamzyn Bielecka

Congratulations to Oakton’s Tamzyn Bielecka, who took out the ARN Community Quiz beer. In light of Easter Friday, the beer will be sent to her tomorrow. What a way to kick off a long weekend.

Tamzyn’s question will also be featured in the next Quiz :

Which Aussie ISV got snapped up by a UK vendor?

Be sure to participate in our next weekly Quiz on Thursday this week for your chance to win your very own case of beer.

April 3 quiz answers:

1. Who is going to train Xen Masters? (View story here) b) itX

2. What has embattled retailer, Strathfield Group, planned to do in the next 18 months as part of its rehabilitation program? (View story here) a) Open 60 franchise

3. Communications integrator, NSC Group, is implementing speech analytics solutions fro which health insurance company? (View story here) b) HCF

4. Which laptop vendor has been won a deal with the Department of Education? (View story here) c) Lenovo

5. According to analyst, Paul Budde, who will win the national broadband network (NBN) contract? (View story here) c) Everybody

6. What question did ARN Editor, Nadia Cameron, ask in regards to virtualisation? (View story here)

a) Should integrators have dedicated desktop virtualisation specialists?

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